Monday, January 09, 2006

NFL Wild Card Playoff Thoughts

take heart eagles fans. from an eagles perspectives, i see nothing but positives coming out of the wild card weekend.

washington at tampa
- not sure exactly how washington managed to win this game, but hey, i give them credit for doing so. i think it's a testament to their defense certainly, but the redskin offense is nothing special.
- tampa got jobbed on that 4th quarter review of the touchdown pass to shepherd. not sure why the rules would categorize that as an incompletion. to me, it clearly looked like he got possession, got two feet down, then got a knee down, and only then started losing the ball. seems like a bad rule or a bad interpretation of the rule.

jacksonville at new england
- this was one of the two games that i was absolutely sure of coming into the weekend. i thought jacksonville had no chance to win.
- although the game was much closer than the final score, i don't think there was ever any danger of the patriots losing this game.

carolina at new york
- this was the other game i was absolutely positive i knew the outcome.
- carolina took away the running game and exposed eli for what he is... a young QB who is not ready for prime time. i still maintain that eli manning will not have a much better than average career, but time will tell. i think if manning has a jake delhomme type career he'll be lucky. i don't think manning has delhomme's toughness, so i doubt it. have no fear eagles fans. despite all the midseason hoopla produced by the new york hype machine. this guy is nothing special.
- this game was still close and winnable until eli crapped himself after his first pick. after he threw that first pick, he was mentally out of the game. i saw the same thing from him after he was the only guy to fall off the wall during the offseason AFC vs. NFC superstars style competition.

pittsburgh at cincinnati
- i had to turn off this game after the second play. poor bengals, poor palmer, blah blah blah.
- poor me! in my two fantasy keeper leagues, my QBs are peyton manning and carson palmer. what the dilly-o?! $*%&(*^*&$#&#$">$*%&!
- bengals do seem to be cursed though... i'm glad i don't root for that team.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

no comments about Marty?

Tonight should be a very telling game with the Flyers....


7:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I think the Skins O is much better than they displayed. Think that was much more of a comment on TB's D than DC's O, but I guess we'll see this weekend whether that's true or not.

Agreed on Eli, but the jury's still out. Didn't help him that Plax shut it down at half time. At least the Iggles aren't signing guys with no effort.

9:03 PM EST  

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