Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hoping for Cataldi's Last Radio Show

i was driving in to work this morning and i heard the overlap portion of the morning show. cataldi and rhea hughes were asking paul jolowicz (sp?) whether or not he thought this year's eagles were an aberration or whether this was a start of a long downcycle. jolowicz said he thought it was an aberration and that he thought the birds would win the division next season. cataldi and hughes got all over jolowicz, "you're crazy" and "you're on drugs".

you've never heard two people *so* giddy that they were finally right about something. after years and years of predicting the demise of the eagles because of the people they let go... or the wrong person they drafted... or the wrong free agent that they didn't sign, they *finally* got one right and they couldn't have been happier -- cackling like a bunch of jackals.

they brought up the fact that the eagles "hadn't spent all their cap money" as one of the reasons why the eagles did so poorly this season. ok, let's forget for a second that the cap is an accounting number and isn't an indication of cash flow -- the eagles are in the top 6-7 teams in terms of salary dollars spent on players. how would spending money blindly have prevented this season? seriously. how?

who was available in the offseason who would have improved this team?

would giving corey simon -- who had *zero* sacks this season -- more money have saved the season?

would paying some journeyman players a ton of money have prevented TO from going insane?

would it have shut rosenpuke's mouth?

would paying extra money have healed the multiple sports hernias?

who should they have paid to keep mcdougle from getting shot?

what a schmuck and a public nuisance.

cataldi also announced that he had done his last TV show. can't wait for the day he does his last radio show.

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Anonymous Kathy Jolowicz said...

You mention a "Paul Jolowicz" and I am wondering if I can contact him, as he has my father's name.
Kathy Jolowicz

11:19 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

you can probably contact him at the radio station 610-wip (www.610wip.com), but i'm pretty sure i misspelled his name. it might be jolowicz or it might be jolovitz.

11:53 AM EDT  

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