Thursday, January 12, 2006

Draft Dilemna

with the eagles picking in the middle of the draft and lots of impact underclassmen declaring for the draft, the chances of having an impact player fall down to them is increasing daily. every vince young, lendale white, and reggie bush that declares effectively bumps the birds up a slot in terms of talent pool available when they pick. the chances are getting pretty good then, that an impact defensive tackle will be available when they draft. ray didinger keeps talking up this mario williams (who i've never seen), but if ray likes him then i like him.

what happens if d'brickashaw ferguson is also available at the time? who do i root for the eagles to pick? their area of greatest need or the player with the most ridiculous name i've ever heard? it's going to be a tough decision. drafting d'brickashaw will provide years of entertainment for me on top of the fact that he's supposed to be the highest rated o-lineman in the draft.

dilemna, dilemna.



Anonymous Phil said...

Heckert needs to earn his raise. While injuries have hurt the last couple draft classes, they've been weak regardless. Anything less than 1 solid starter this year and 3 next year should be considered a bad draft. Especially since we're 14 picks higher up than normal (don't have to burn that extra 2 to move up this year) and have 2 extra 4th round picks.

1:09 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

oh boy, the of the biggest wasted days in my life. I have already been looking at mock drafts. A couple of guys to keep your eyes on would be this big ol' Samoan (at least that is what I think he is) from Oregon. I've seen him fall as far as 18 but also been near the top 10. Another guy would be Chad Greenway from Iowa, I've actually seen him on 2 mocks as going to the Birds. He looks like a AJ Hawk (who is a top 10 pick) type player. I know mocks don't mean that much, yet, but I think we are being passed the stage when guys can make themselves eligible for the draft. The Oregon guy is really massive (6-3 340) and I think I remember seeing him in the Holiday Bowl. I am a huge fan of Samoans after reading an excellent article in Sports Illustrated a couple of years back. Actually before that with Mosi Tatupu and Manu Tuisasasopo. As a matter of fact my equation is Samoan=great football player, similar to my baseball equation, Latino=great baseball player and the ever popular white dude=possesion receiver or sniper in basketball...but I digress.

It looks like all of those quick DEs (Ali, dude from BC) are going to go pretty quick...and that dude from Louisville didn't look so hot, either. Heckert needs to do his homework.

8:50 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

agree with both of you. it's been a while since the eagles were drafting for need, but this year they are. they have some key holes to fill and the draft is pretty much the only way to fill some of those holes -- you don't find stud d-tackles on the free agent market these days.

one mock i saw had d'brickashaw going in the top 5, so maybe i won't have to worry about rooting for the birds to draft him. broderick bunkley is a funny name (and he's a d-tackle), maybe we can get the best of both worlds by drafting him.

9:57 AM EST  
Blogger Behan said...

I'm with big dog on the big samoan. Match a huge, gap-clogging type d-tackle with a quicker DT like patterson and the birds could have a tandem that dominates the line for a long time. With Darwin and the truck driver as decent backups.

4:11 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i'm all for big samoans. think we could convince him to grow his hair out like afa and sika (or troy polamalu)?

4:37 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

don't forget the greatest samoan eagle of all time - vai sikahema - and his little buddy junior taulalatasi.

4:39 PM EST  
Anonymous rbandit39 said...

the birds need a lot more than d line. they need two ot and two d backs....lito is weak back there need a tall bobby taylorlike player

12:06 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

the birds need a lot more than d line

i agree completely. they need to address several key areas this offseason, but IMO defensive tackle is the second hardest need to fill in today's NFL (behind only quarterback). that's why i'd like it to be our point of emphasis in the draft. you don't find stud d-tackles in the free agent market. you draft them and keep them.

here are my complete thoughts on the eagles' roster needs:

1:22 PM EST  

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