Friday, December 23, 2005

Something Going on With Forsberg?

not sure if there is anything to this, but i don't think forsberg is right. maybe it's just part of the season grind, but he doesn't look right to me. he's playing pretty well, but i'm seeing little things that concern me in the last couple of games like whiffing on pucks, simply losing pucks while he's trying to stickhandle without being pressured, and last night he pulled a john leclair special and just fell on his ass. he was preparing to jockey for position on the puck, but the ottawa player hadn't really touched him. peter just fell on his can just like johnny used to do. hopefully, these are unrelated or maybe he just caught a cold or something. i hope they're not symptoms of some sort of equilibrium problem or something.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was at the game last wek, I noticed that the ice was way too warm and mushy. The Wachovia is not keeping it cold enough because they want the fans to be happy. Well, we're not happy if the game isn't played right....


12:29 PM EST  

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