Sunday, December 18, 2005

Game 14 Thoughts

the philadelphia eagles pulled out a close one against temple today. phew. it would have been embarrassing to lose to a college team, but al golden looks like he has them headed in the right direction.

- that 81 on temple looks pretty good. he'll make a nice pro some day.

- hope herremans ankle injury isn't too bad. it didn't look too good.

- it'll be nice when we get our redshirt QB back next season.


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ouch....but probably true. The conspiracy theorists on WIP thought that the Rams threw the game. To be honest, it kind of looked like they did when they didn't put Marshall Faulk in at the end. Very ugly game which didn't warrant that much of your time. In all honesty, I am glad that they won because I always think that losing is a sickness that could go into next season. I thought that some of the young guys played okay, but Mike McMahon is really really bad. The Bartrum throw was pretty good, but he was overthrowing guys by a frigging mile, and just overall playing pretty atrocious. Makes Andy Hall look more inviting every game. Seriously, though, I am a Delaware grad, and I know that Andy is no one's QB of the future, but I am sure he could be a third string QB in this league and on this team. He is very athletic. I agree with not putting a ton of money into a back-up, but when Donovan goes down, we basically throw in the towel. Kerry Collins does look good as a back-up, but I bet he gets snatched up by a team with a chance to start. That is how bad this league is.

Did everyone see all the gushing about the Big Kid this weekend? Daryl Johnston put him on his "all lunch pail team", and Bill Maas was lathering him all game. They made him seem like the next coming of Larry Allen. He did have some okay blocking, but he is so overweight, anything that involves pulling or trapping is an adventure. They said that he was 378 freaking pounds, 38 over his playing weight. They also said he gets find something like 400 bucks for every pound he is over per day. That has got to be wrong, that would be like $15,000 a day. I really think that Bill may have been boozing in the press box, some of his commentary was waaaaaaaaay out there.

7:42 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Always better to win than lose. And didn't Westbrook used to be Moats fast at some point? I swear he's slowed down a couple steps over the past 2 years. That said, I'm starting to get a little giddy thinking about our offense next year with both of them lined up in the backfield together. If we get a solid blocking TE, we could go from solid run formation to 4 wides without changing personel.

2:41 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I still think adding Duce back into the roster wouldn't be a bad idea. Still need some major help on the line, and actual TEs though.....

- Joe

10:05 AM EST  

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