Monday, December 19, 2005

Andy Reid's "Arrogance"

i hear this from people all the time, but i've never really understood where it comes from. what exactly has andy reid done that makes people think he's arrogant? it's crossed my mind from time to time, no doubt, but it gets squashed quickly every time i sit down to think about it.

where does this "arrogance" manifest itself? is it primarily because he won't change his plans or his program based on what *you* think? (you meaning all eagles fans) is it because he won't do what the radio morons are constantly bleating? is it simply because he has a plan and believes in it?

is that arrogance? what would people have him do, exactly so he appears less "arrogant"?

should he *not* think he has an idea of how to run this team? should he just start doing what cataldi wants him to do?

shouldn't we want someone with confidence that they know what they are doing?


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, I am one of those people that will jump on the anti-Andy bandwagon. At times at least. The blogsters appropiately regulated and challenged my silliness, so I am now in total support of him.

I don't think that he is arrogant. I think that he is a great coach, but he is having a bad year. The Philly fans sense of urgency to win something to save this 20 plus year championship drought has hit fever pitch, and that is exarcebated by WIP. I don't listen to that slop anymore. I only like R Diddy's Monday wrap up, but I don't waste time to hear it. I listen to Jody Mac on my hour long drive home. Jody knows sports and while he may be skeptical of some things, he doesn't light the torches and march on any Philly sports management.

So, I do think it is fair to say that Andy has an ego. To be a coach in the NFL you better have an ego, though, or you will get killed. He sticks to his guns, for good or bad. There are so many things that went wrong this year, it is almost like the Perfect Storm. I am glad that he doesn't listen to WIP or the fans. Sorry fans, but when I listen to the morons call into Howard it is embarrassing. Yes, Philly fans have passion. But most, not all, are pretty much clueless when it comes to talent and Xs and Os football. Howard is a regurgitating bootlick and he doesn't understand either. And makes it worse!!!

My hope is that Andy will take what has happened this year starting in February and look how to right the ship. I hope he doesn't shy away from talented, bigger ego'd WRs. TO is the exception. I actually want a receiver that wants the ball. I hope that he sees that you need a balanced attack. I hope that he sees that the front defensive 7 needs some serious tweaking, and without this he is going to kill his pretty good secondary. I hope that he sees that Josh Parry is a waste. I hope that he sees that he needs a competent TE that can block and is young enough to make a big catch. I hope that he sees he needs to bring in a ground chewing RB that can get some tough yards on 3rd and 2. I hope that he sees that he needs to get Donovan back to scaring defenses. I think, also, that he needs to evaluate his own workload and maybe bring in some additional help both on the field and in the office.

I think that he will.

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