Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Links

- sheldon hopes to play on his injured knee against the cards. my question is why? why risk such an important player for such a meaningless game? i hope andy shuts him down and gets him healthy and ready to go for next season.

- jason whitlock of feels the same way i do about eli manning and opines that pocket toughness is the only real advantage that tom brady has over brother peyton. i agree with whitlock 100%.

- a year after sending 10 players to the pro-bowl, the birds are only sending axeman this season. imo, dawkins probably deserves to go more than trotter. on tuesday, mark eckel had predicted that the birds would only send dawkins.

- flyers took down the league leading senators last night, hanging on for a 4-3 win after taking a 4-0 lead. everyone played pretty well, including nittymaki again. does esche have a prayer of getting the number 1 goalie job back when he returns from injury? should he? at this point, i have much more confidence in antero. tonight the flyers start an 11 game road trip in pittsburgh.

- shavlik randolph is a pleasant surprise. simon, i thought you told me he sucked? he looks like the second coming of scot pollard. maybe he'll entertain us with some of those wacky scot pollard haircuts too.

- john smallwood is right. if everyone on the last olympic basketball team had AI's attitude about the olympics, they would won the damn thing.

- phils are moving the AAA team from scranton to allentown

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't understand how surprised I am about Shavlik. I just cannot explain how he is able to play in the NBA. I watched pretty much every game he played at Duke and not once did he look like an NBA player.
Maybe him and Coach K just didn't get along, because he certainly he enough hype coming to Duke.

8:32 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Esche is not a good goaltender. Period. Antero can get beat, especially one on one, but I think that's a pressure thing. He actually performs like a madman in high traffic and screens. The fact that we barely held on for the win, proves two things. That our Nitty is awesome, that he is our ONLY defence right now, and that our offense can pull it together against anyone. I'm really looking forward to getting some players healthy again....

- Joe

12:33 PM EST  

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