Monday, December 19, 2005

I Hate Peyton Manning

first, a little background info. i've always thought peyton manning was a bit of a media-darling fraud. he puts up terrific numbers, he has great bloodlines, he says all the right things, and boy he sure does look like a quarterback, but there has always been something lacking when the pressure is on.

this is not to say that he's not a good player, he is. really this is about whether or not he's a winning type player, and i don't think he is or has been -- to use a phillies analogy manning is the football equivalent to bobby abreau.

- in four seasons at tennessee he never beat florida

- in four seasons at tennessee he never won a national title despite heading into the season as favorite several times

- in four seasons at tennessee he never won the heisman (despite being the preseason favorite in three of those seasons)

- the year after peyton left tennessee, the immortal tee martin led tennessee to the national championship with a team that lost jamal lewis and peyton manning

- he has a losing record in nfl playoff games

- he is also a bad guy, despite what the media portrays him as. he lost two lawsuits to a female trainer at tennessee whose face he sat and then farted on as she was working to help work out some problem he was having, one lawsuit for the assault and one for defaming her after the assault in his autobiography

this past weekend, something that was merely "thinking that he was overrated" moved into full blown hatred. i traded for him in two of my fantasy football leagues and his pathetic performance yesterday is basically going to knock me out of the playoffs in both of them.

peyton manning, i f*cking hate you, you rotten bastard. i wish you nothing but ill for the rest of your nfl career -- assuming i can trade you in the offseason that is, if not you can continue pumping up your numbers against bad defenses, but i still hate you nonetheless.



Blogger Steve72 said...

I support farting on trainers.

10:20 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I still have a lingering hatred for Shaun Alexander for what he did to my fantasty team like 4 yers ago.

Don't forget Peyton's also got that southern accent. Man, I hate those phony accents.

2:36 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Oh and it looks like has been shut down.

2:43 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i saw that. hopefully that dirtbag rosenhaus isn't trying to sue them or something.

4:09 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that guy

3:57 PM EST  

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