Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday Links

- bill conlin on the long and glorious history of phillies pitching

- eagles have spent the 8th most on player salaries the last 3 seasons

- bruce perry may finally be getting a shot at playing. if he's being phased in over lamar gordon, the birds won't have any backs bigger than 5' 9" and 190 lbs.

- shocker! hitchcock doesn't like shootouts.

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Anonymous Phil said...

Freakin-a it is way too early to be talking about the 2006 Eagles season (including who we'll be playing). Sigh. I hope 5 comes back 100% (and stays 100% for all relevant games).

1:41 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Funny as it may seem, I actually enjoy reading Bill Conlin articles. When I see him live he just cracks me up....he would be a perfect guy to do a sitcom about. I like his biting cynicism and his wealth of knowledge about the Phillies. I also love when Joe Conklin does his voice. Strange but true, I also played baseball against his son, Pete. Pete was a doughy right-handed pitcher for Washington Twp. high school in South Jersey. I thought he was a decent pitcher and pretty above average player overall. He, like myself, graduated in 1987, and was All-South Jersey....when I saw that I was dumbfounded. What really dumbfounded me, though, was he actually went on to play, albeit brief at U. of Texas at Austin. If anyone has an interest in college baseball, 80s was a very very good time for Texas. Notable on those teams were Roger Clemens and Greg Swindell...I think that the legendary coach's name at the time was Cliff Gustafson, a college baseball legend. How Bill's son even sniffed that team is beyond me, but I guess it helps to have a dad with his pull. Way to go, Bill!!

8:59 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...




10:23 AM EST  

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