Sunday, October 30, 2005

Game 7 Thoughts

great googly moogly. well, the blocked kick wasn't quite the same spark that westbrook's punt return was... the philadelphia eagles played another stinker today.

- sigh, another bad start. i can't quite figure this team out. they come out completely flat and lifeless. no emotion, no intensity. what's the deal with that? we were out "gameplanned" on both offense and defense again, which is concerning in itself, but the lack of personality on this team is discouraging. is there a fundamental flaw in the makeup of this team? is all of the negative karma from the various contract issues affecting the entire team? could it be something as simple as hugh douglas being gone? i discounted the loss of douglas' personality from the locker room when they cut him, and i still don't really believe that could account for this string of lifeless performances, but it's possible. i'm at a total loss here. even when this team was going 3-13, they were never this bad. there is some sort of mental breakdown going on with this team right now.

- broncos opened up with 11 men on the line with the intent of pressuring the bejesus out of don. well, it worked. of course the birds predictably opened up with an all pass all the time game plan. unpredictably, don ended up on his kiester on about the first 12 plays. aikman said he's never seen anything like the broncos high risk fronts... well, i have. it was called the 46 defense, and it was exciting as all get out to watch. it was obvious from the start that the broncos did not respect the birds ability to get the ball downfield nor their ability to protect the qb. andy wasn't ready for this, and didn't shift to max protect until the game was out of hand. in fact, big red's first adjustment was to spread the field with more receivers to try to get more broncos into coverage. well, it didn't work. don got even less time than he did at the start of the game and started to get hit even on 3 step drops. by the time he went max protect, the broncos had already scored 4 times. you can't even blame the pressure on honeybuns and the turnstiles. the birds were blocking with 5 and the broncos were rushing 7.

- hit of the day: mike patterson took out the head linesman with a nice leg whip to the knees. the linesman got up pretty high for an old guy, i was impressed.

- kearse had a nice bullrush on hood's pass interference early in the game. of course, like 5 plays later he went out with a shoulder injury. pam oliver said that he "sprained his AC joint in his shoulder". well, i have no idea what that is, but to me it looked like an old fashioned "dislocated shoulder". i'm concerned that he'll be out for a while.

- way to run the ball more, andy. that fat f*ck called passes on 12 of the first 13 plays. do you suppose by this point the opponent has a read what he's going to call? it was 21-0 before andy *finally* decided to run. we called two runs in a row and then don threw his first pick.

- what got into the offense on the last drive of the first half? they looked like the real eagles. i'll tell you what happened, the broncos stopped rushing the qb. they rushed 4 and dropped back into coverage and don ripped them apart. andy has to figure out a way to protect our now immobile qb.

- i did have one chuckle during the game. as TO took the quick hitch for the 91 yard TD, big red started skipping down the field and actually slapped a ref on the ass.

- as poorly as they played, they had a shot to win the game. that last pick in the endzone killed all their momentum and the defense sagged terribly. aikman pointed out that brown ran the route too vertically and gave the corner the opportunity to cut inside him. he made this same mistake against the falcons. both of these plays would have gone for a TD. let's hope he doesn't keep making that mistake. that said, i don't think don should have thrown the ball.

- i'd never thought i would say this, but this team misses pinky terribly. greg lewis is not a #2 wideout.

- can you believe that a jim johnson defense gave up 550+ yards and 49 points? what the hell is going on? have teams caught on to him? one place the broncos got to him, over and over, was the play action bootleg. this was the play that tampa killed them with in the championship game a few years back with ken dilger and it reared it's head over and over in today's game. what the hell am i saying? everything the broncos did shredded the birds d today. ugly, ugly, ugly.

going to be a miserable f*cking week fellas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm going to FL for a couple days. I'm going to pretend I'm from Canada I think........

- Joe

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