Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday Links

- birds cut todd france and signed jose cortez... oh well, there goes joe's dream of hearing the french national anthem after field goals. i think les bowen is right when he speculates that the reason for this move is so cortez can kick off and leave just field goal duties for akers when akers returns.

- profile of merrill reese. my all-time favorite merrill call, "Who is this Lemuel Stinson, and why is he doing these *horrible* things?!"

- paul domowitch says that the slow starts are the reason for the run/pass ratio.

- cashman is staying with the yankees. if waiting for him isn't what was causing the phillies to dilly dally, then i'm very irritated. "Montgomery is turning down interview requests." i hope that means from reporters and not potential GM candidates...

- jack mccaffrey is thinking the same thing we all are, "f*cking phillies...(shake head)"


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