Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Links

- akers may be back in two weeks

- bob ford has an interesting, and not unreasonable, theory on why the playcalling has been so unbalanced

- phils waiting for cashman's decision. fortunately, ruben wade jr. and mike arbuckle are not considered serious candidates. several baseball people were surprised that wade jr. is not a more serious candidate for the job. i'd bet that has more to do with their surprise over the phillies making a good decision than with the perception of how good a "baseball man" wade jr is.

- let's hope this GM gets more power than the last real GM the phillies hired, woody woodward. "At what was supposed to be an off-the-record luncheon meeting he requested with me to reveal his concerns and frustrations - that alone could have hastened his firing - Woodward said nobody seemed interested in hearing the minor league operation under Jim Baumer and Jack Pastore was broken beyond repair. "I don't think they'll let me do anything,'' he said. That was in early May. A month later, Giles announced he was letting Woodward go in a press conference where the words "comfort level'' were conspicuous."

- biggio's wife was "slapped upside the head" by some rowdy white sox fan. how much do you want to bet that this would be a huge national story if it happened here?

- chris webber may finally play a game

- mo cheeks wants to see "iverson shoot less and maybe lead the league in assists". i've never doubted that AI had the ability to do whatever he wanted on the court. the only real question was getting AI to buy into that. let's hope mo can get through...


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