Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday Links

- don admits that he should have thrown the ball away on the three sacks. let's hope that's not just interview speak. "All three sacks Sunday, including one that took the Eagles out of field-goal range, were the result of McNabb trying to scramble and finding he couldn't elude his pursuers. He agreed yesterday that he has to get more attuned to throwing the ball away in such situations."

- big red shows some emotion.

- birds sit at 14th in DVOA ranking. scary stat... skins, giants, cowboys sit at 7th, 8th, and 9th.

- "ask jerry markbreit" (link found on, use if you don't want to register)

- interesting, mostly empirical team ranking methodology (found on footballoutsiders)

- the phuckin' phillies interviewed mike arbuckle today. i just heard on comcast sportsnet that the phuckins have no interest in jerry hunsicker (by all accounts the most qualified remaining candidate). how much would we all have to chip in to have urbina (or urbina's workers) set the phuckins' ownership on fire?

- flyboys had a nice comeback win tonight. goalie and power play still suck, but eh, we're used to it at this point, right?


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