Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Links

- in the "i'm surprised it took this long" department... TO (who leads the NFL in receptions) says the birds need to throw him the football more.

- even when they get something right, this season's eagles can't seem to get it exactly right. darwin walker was supposed to be on the field for the blocked field goal.

- with the fanbase screaming for a qualified candidate, the phuckins' finally interview this season's jim leyland and may be considering moving the fences back.

- shane conlan thinks paul posluszny is better than he was.

- with derrick williams out for the season, it looks like joe pa is going to play justin king only on offense for the rest of the season.

- had to fix the blog template as the links on the right weren't rendering properly on IE. other browsers weren't having the same problem. i use firefox and recommend it highly.


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