Monday, October 24, 2005

Andy Needs to Give Up Playcalling Duties

i'd like to see andy give up his playcalling duties for three reasons:

- first, because i think he hasn't been doing a great job of it (see run/pass ratio, call on 4th and 1, leading the league in 3 and outs, etc)

- second, because the process of mornhinweg and childress relaying suggestions to andy for the final call is too long of a process and causes the eagles to burn too much play clock before the call goes to mcnabb. this was a contributing factor to the birds running out of time in the first half.

- third, and most important, because i've decided that a lot of the reason why the eagles struggle in the areas i find infuriating are due to a lack of strategic thinking. with andy mired in the details of playcalling, who is responsible for the game strategy and clock strategy? no one. why is andy's run/pass ratio so lopsided? because no one is looking at the big picture. he probably doesn't even realize what his ratio is during the game. every organization needs a leader, someone who is not mired in the details and can focus on the strategy, rather than the tactics, of the organization. i think andy has a pretty good handle on how to do this during the week, leaving most of the scheming to his coaches, letting banner do the negotiating, etc. i don't see andy doing much of this on gameday and i think the team suffers because of it. even if andy is the best playcaller on the team, is he so much better at it that he can afford to either give the strategic thinking responsibilities to someone else, or worse yet, to ignore it completely? i don't know what the truth is, but i do know that the birds clock management sucks and they keep making the same mistakes over and over. i have to believe that having andy focus on these things rather than the minutia of the game would leave the team in a better position to win.


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