Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Links

- hmm, sal paolantonio suggests there could be a rift between banner and reid on westbrook's contract

- bob ford thinks defensive coordinators have caught onto the fact that don can't throw deep (don please get the surgery)

- good job of coaching by harbaugh on the blocked kick

- reuben frank's game in a nutshell. "“I didn't look very smart on that one,” head coach Andy Reid on an unsuccessful fourth-and-one conversion from the Eagles' 30-yard line with 31/2 minutes left." my fear is that andy thinks the mistake he made was in going for it (which was the right thing to do) rather than a problem with the playcalling.

- don admits to being restricted on throws.
"Sometimes going across the body when rolling out I’m not able to get much on it," McNabb said of the restrictions on his throws. "That pretty much comes from not being able to use your legs. You’re not able to rotate as quick or as hard as you normally would. But I think what we were able to do in the offensive scheme really took some pressure away from it." (don PLEASE get the surgery) i don't want to go back to the days of watching the dink and dunk offense from 4 seasons ago.

- jack mccaffrey's take on the game. "That was not a strange compilation of fortunate bounces, although there were a few in the mix. No, it was what the Birds have become, by design, then by necessity."

- mark eckel's take on the game

- penn state crushes illinois. said michael robinson after the game, "As a competitor, you'd much rather be out there," he said, "but at the same time you have to understand the circumstances. When you're up by 40 points, there's no point in going out there and getting injured. Even though it's hard not to play and to sit on the side, you have to understand the situation and you have to be OK with sitting out." i wish our pro qb would gain such perspective.


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