Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ya Still Gotta Believe

From my 9/23 post:

"So 70% of the time, Reid manages to get to the playoffs. And only once in those 7 attempts does he go one and done. That's a playoff win 60% of the seasons for those keeping score at home. Anyone care to guess how many playoff wins the Eagles had in the 30 years before Reid took over? The answer is 5. Total. Or 1 playoff win every 6 years. Or half what Reid's has in the last 10 years."

This team is 2-2 and leading the NFC East. Do they need to play better to make the playoffs? Damn straight they do. Are they likely to do so? History says yes they will.

Several comments about the game:
  • Nice to see the standing ovation for 5 (or at least the replays since I missed the 1H)
  • This team's going to need 5 starting caliber QBs by the time this season's over the eay things are going.
  • As poorly as Kolb played, McNabb didn't play any better.
  • The penalties. Oh, the penalties. I swear I'm going to break some expensive electronics if they keep this up.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kolb wasn't terrible, he was just really boring. You cannot completely ignore Jackson and Maclin like that. Makes me think that maybe he can't play as he either lacks the head or the arm to throw the ball deep.

Atrocious job today. yes they could have won despite everything had Avant gripped the ball, but reid did another terrible job. that abortion before the half. None of us are NFL coaches, but we all would've had two plays in the chamber to run after a huge review layoff. The penalties are on him. The lack of talent on both sides of the ball-all his drafts. The flat tone set by his D early on? Unacceptable in a game of this magnitude.

This was a boring game. Nothing remotely entertaining if you're a Birds fan. No long plays, no big defensive plays, nada. My only joy was watching McNabb suck worse than Kolb.


11:26 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuck...embarrassing fiascos like the disaster before the half have become too commonplace and downright embarrassing. If that were any one of us (or prior coaches) they would have been gone many years before so they couldn't make a trend of it.

Big Dog

3:25 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin Kolb brings out the worst of Andy Reid and the West Coast offense. Dink and dunk and bore the bejesus out of the casual fan, trying to navigate through endless commercials on a Sunday afternoon. He may be competent (he'll have to prove it to me), but he is pedestrian.

Bumble will back me up on this if anyone has any doubts: I want to be entertained while watching pro sports. Winning isn't enough. The thought of a "Kolb era" depresses me. The dog killer can't get healthy soon enough.

Thank God for MLB and the Phillies.

Ed Wade

9:25 PM EDT  
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