Sunday, October 03, 2010

Records After Bye Weeks

Good stuff from the Dallas Morning News (Reid's 14-0 including play-offs):
Team after the bye week

NFL teams with their post-bye records and current streaks:

Team Record Streak
Philadelphia 17-4 11 wins
Minnesota 17-4 4 wins
Dallas 16-5 5 wins
Denver 15-6 2 losses
Buffalo 14-7 1 loss
Tennessee 13-8 4 wins
Chicago 13-8 1 loss
New England 12-9 6 wins
Indianapolis 12-9 5 wins
Pittsburgh 12-9 2 wins
Green Bay 12-9 1 win
Miami 12-9 1 loss
Kansas City 12-9 3 losses
Atlanta 11-10 1 win
NY Jets 11-10 1 loss
St. Louis 11-10 1 loss
Washington 11-10 2 losses
San Diego 10-10 1 loss
Arizona 10-11 1 win
Baltimore 9-5 2 wins
Tampa Bay 9-12 3 wins
New Orleans 9-12 1 win
Detroit 9-12 2 losses
Oakland 9-12 7 losses
San Francisco 8-13 6 losses
Carolina 7-8 2 wins
Jacksonville 7-8 2 losses
Cleveland 6-10 1 loss
NY Giants 6-15 2 wins
Cincinnati 5-15-1 1 win
Seattle 5-16 3 losses
Houston 2-6 2 losses



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