Friday, September 12, 2008

Troy Aikman on WIP

from troy aikman on wip this morning:
- the home team should win the game, if this game was in philadelphia, he would expect philadelphia to win the game. since this game is in dallas, he expects dallas to win the game.

- dallas is the most talented team in the nfc

- outside of playing quarterback, coming in as a rookie wide receiver is the toughest position to succeed

- (when asked how important it is to have a number one wideout) i think it's important to have someone on the offense that the defense has to scratch their heads and game plan against. on the eagles, that guy is brian westbrook.

- if the eagles are going to win this game, it has to be a low scoring game

- i enjoy coming to philadelphia, the fans are passionate about their team. sometimes they are very courteous, sometimes they tell him to get the heck out of the stadium.

when i was playing, when we traveled to philadelphia, i would be hoarse from yelling because the crowd was so loud.... that's not the environment in dallas. i like being in philadelphia and seeing the passion of the fans... i know they're going to travel well to dallas. there are going to be a ton of philadelphia fans for that game.



Anonymous Phil said...

I like Aikman. Classy guy.

Why does everyone keep saying DAL is the most talented team in the NFC? We're talking about a 1 and done playoff team that made no major changes in the off-season.

12:45 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talent is worthless until it wins in the postseason . That's what I tell all of my students down here and they have to listen...hehe !

8:35 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No major changes? Adding Felix Jones, Pacman Jones, and any other good guy named Jones is not major? They were also 13-3 last year so there was talent. On paper, they out talent the Birds, except I think 5 is better than Romo and that is the difference.


11:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'll grant you Adam is a talented DB, but I would not call a mid-round 1 rookie RB as major. We'll see in 12 hours what the talent gap really is.

7:16 AM EDT  

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