Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Links

it's dallas week!

- that fat curmudgeon don mckee says the cowboys are now the favorite to win the superbowl.

So who's the Super Bowl favorite now that the New England Bradys are done?

How bout those Cowboys?

The Boys dusted off Cleveland (a supposed playoff contender) with alarming ease on Sunday.

They looked, ahem, almost as good as the Eagles.
don, adds that last sentence in because he predicted the eagles to suck this year and the two reasons would be: "donovan mcnabb and andy reid."

- michael strahan also thinks the cowboys will win the superbowl

- dallas morning news' tim colishaw reminds us that it's still only week two

There's something unwise about settling NFC bragging rights on a Monday night in the first quarter of a season.
but closes with an acknowledgement that the game does have some importance

At a time when NFL experts are always telling us that the Sunday night game has replaced Monday's as the league's showcase event, figure on the final Monday night game from Texas Stadium to be one that could last in the memory banks for awhile.
- igglesblog says this is a must win game... for the cowboys

- the cowboys expect marion barber to play on monday night

- terence newman may be back for the game

- jennifer engel of the star-telegram says the eagles and cowboys are among the nfc's best

- kevin curtis may be returning sooner than originally expected (the effects of having a productive backup possibly?). also, don reclaimed the lowest interception rate in history crown.



Anonymous Phil said...

This should be a great test for our LBs and secondary. Probably too much to expect them to shut down TO again. Which is OK as long as they don't let Witten beat them as well.

1:21 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, I need your blog over here in Europe to get the real feeling.

Saw most of the game this weekend due to the great invention of the "internets" and must say that was awefully impressive. I am especially happy that the D seems to be able to get off the field, which was a big issue at the start of last season. If they do that against Dallas...hell yeah.

One thing I find funny: It seems to be a consensus that the Eagles will go about 10-6. A predicted 10-6 record before Andy would have been the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just a thought.


3:48 AM EDT  

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