Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vince Young Should "Go Play Something Else"

am i the only one who is finding this vince young situation incredibly ironic?

remember that firestorm last season when mcnabb said that black quarterbacks are judged more harshly than white quarterbacks? well vince young was asked for a quote during that media frenzy and said (essentially) that he thought mcnabb wasn't mentally tough enough to play quarterback and that don should stop whining.

here is his full quote:

That is his opinion. I really feel like myself, black or white quarterbacks, we all go through something because that is the life of a quarterback You have to be able to handle all the pressure and you have to be able to handle the losses and you have to be able to handle the media saying this about you. If you can’t handle it, then you have to get off that position and go play something else.
well it seems like donovan has been handling his pressure a wee bit better than some others. poor vince is so distraught that he's been getting boo-ed that both his mom and the titans team doctor thought that he was going to hurt himself and called the police.
His mother told The Tennessean that Young was tired of all the negativity and the boos. Felicia Young said her son needed people to give him space and to pray for him.

"It is hard, all he is going through right now. He's hurting inside and out," she said.

But it was just a few boos and one lousy game — which the Titans went on to win. What happens if things really go south for Young?

Is a pro athlete with enormous skills and a contract that could bring him $58 million so mentally fragile that it could be dangerous for him to go on the field and perform?
how's that for a big karmic kick in the pants? i wonder how mr. mentally tough quarterback is going to deal with the fact that fisher just announced that he lost his job and will have to earn it back?

it's a shame, i think vince has all the tools to be a superstar in this league, well except for his inability to "handle the pressure" i guess.



Anonymous Phil said...

My first thought when I heard about this was thank goodness he doesn't play in Philly (or any other major market). Yikes. Losing his job to Kerry Collins probably isn't going to improve his mental state either.

11:44 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first thoughts were I hope the kid is okay. Skills and money don't make a darn bit of difference in this situation. As Neil Young once said, "Though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away."

Does anybody remember compassion?

7:19 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Compassion? I wouldn't wish mental illness on anyone, but this dude's a starting QB in the NFL?!?! If you're going to break down everytime the fans boo you, then you're in the wrong line of work.

That said, this looks to be more a case of an over protective mother than anything else.

7:26 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

My first thoughts were I hope the kid is okay. Skills and money don't make a darn bit of difference in this situation. As Neil Young once said, "Though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away."

Does anybody remember compassion?

those were my first thoughts as well, but the story really seems like an overprotective mother reached out to the coach and got everyone riled up about her son having to face adversity for the first time in his life.

man up, vince young! as you told donovan mcnabb last season, just have to learn how to "handle the pressure" of playing quarterback.

9:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

Great week. I wanted to change gears a little and go back to the Brady issue. As Bumble said, this team thrives on Tom Brady. The Eagles mauled them with their weak back-up in. Their defense looks old. If you don't get the ball to Moss and Welker they can't make plays. Their offensive line is pretty good and their backs are "just backs". I think 10-6 is very optimistic. Plus, and Bumble nailed this, teams are going to want a little payback for Billy. You can be the best coach in the world, but if you don't have players, you are sunk. Ask any coach. Losing Brady and having that back-up is going to be disastrous. If they go 8-8 I will be surprised. What will be poetic justice is if every team that they humiliated last year came back for payback. I wish Joe Gibbs was here and the Skins could embarrass Billy did to one of the best coaches of the 80s. What comes around goes around. Teams like Indy, San Diego, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, should feast, but outside of Pittsburgh...they looked weak week one. Cleveland looked bad, too. Carolina may be better than adverstised and I think Tennessee is pretty good, especially with Collins. Plus, Jacksonville will be okay. The Jets, eh....that should be a nice payback game. Mangini trying to humiliate his master. Miami has got to be better than last year...Cincinatti is a disgrace, as is KC.

NFC has the best teams....Philly, Dallas, NY, GB and Minnesota, Carolina and the Saints. Don't rule out marginal teams like Washington, Seattle and Arizona, too. Chicago looked really good as well, forgot about them.

9:45 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Dog, I think you're wrong.

Patriots will still make the playoffs.

Washington, Seattle, Arizona, no way. Also no way on Chicago.

Giants are going to struggle to make the playoffs, and I actually think they don't get in.

- Joe

4:08 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a way to end a thread. "you're wrong...that is all"

Come on Joe, give me something man! Some reasons for your opinion. This is kind of a neat thread as we never get to bask in other team's misfortune like they so enjoy doing to us (and don't kid yourself, all my a-hole Giants and Skins freinds rode me hard last year).


9:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more I think about it, I think the Pats have a very good chance to make the show because they have the 32nd hardest schedule in what appears bto be a very weak league. They have a smart coach and tons of talent. That said, Cassel ain't Brady. He doesn't have the poise or talent. Randy will becoem Randy-sulking, lazy-once he cannot get 3 jump ball TD each week. Their run game sucks, their O line suddenly looks vulnerable, and their D looks old. 10 wins is not a gimme for them.

Vince Young is just more proof that QB is the hardest position to play in pro sports. he has all the God-given talent in the world, but defensive coordinators are pretty smart and theye xcel at containing mobile QB and confusing young QB. I think his issue is what resides or does not reside between his ears.


9:54 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Why are we talking about Young/Pats during Dallas week?!?!

12:43 AM EDT  

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