Thursday, September 04, 2008

Football Outsiders Love the Eagles

is there some sort of cosmic connection between andy reid and DVOA? something about the way analyzes football (comparing each play's actual result vs. the expected result for that situation) lines up tightly with the way andy reid builds and runs his football team.

the eagles are usually a darling in the DVOA system and this year appears to be no different. projects the birds to be the 2nd best team in football behind only behind the new england patriots.

some of that is based on schedule strength -- second easiest in football, behind the new england patriots who have the easiest schedule -- but how great would it be if this was an accurate prediction?

they project the birds to have:

- 3rd best offense in football (behind only patriots and colts)
- 5th best defense in football
- 24th ranked special teams

that's better than i think they'll be. i hope they're right! i'll post a season preview tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skins looked awful tonight! AWFUL! Conversely the Giants D looked just fine without Yumeniora. That game went as I expected it to go. Campbell blows and Zorn amde a lot of terrible play calling decisions. How bad must it be to be a Skins fan? You start from ground zero every year despite spending millions on free agents and shuffling coaches like decks of playing cards. A friend of mine bleeds maroona nd yellow and she hates every second of every game because she knows they are always one play away from imploding or at any time, the TV cameras may flash on the reviled Dan Snyder.

Birds gotta do their part Sunday and get this thing started properly.


11:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

The NYG started impressive, but didn't end to hot. WAS only had 1 deep pass called up until the end. Lot of completions short of the sticks on 3rd down. Man was that ugly.

If it wasn't for all the injuries to the Eagles, I think prior teams would have lived up to the predictions as well. If I remember correctly, o-line continuity is a big factor in offensive predictions. The age of the tackles are a concern there though.

10:35 AM EDT  
Blogger MS69 said...

Football Outsiders is numbers porn for stat boys and keeps them occupied on the internet. The Eagles fan variant act as unpaid interns for the PR staff. The revolution will be led by the Banneristas! Viva Joe Banner! Viva La Revolution!

10 years, 1 Super Bowl appearance, 1 Super Bowl loss.

7:41 PM EDT  

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