Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will Westbrook Stay Happy?

one of the things that has been nagging at me a little after the ram's game is whether mcnabb being seemingly back at full strength will have implications on team dynamics. during the last two seasons, mcnabb has either been out injured or playing at reduced effectiveness and brian westbrook took over the mantle of team alpha dog -- even to the point of coming out in the media and saying (more or less) that it was his team now and he was the best player and leader.

i'm more than a little curious to see how he reacts to being second fiddle again. will he be happy if the eagles are winning but he isn't getting 2000 yards from scrimmage? i'm not so sure he will be.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

TMG I don't mean to ignore this post, but I am curious to know your take on the loss of Brady. I do not see the Pats going 5-11 as Belichek is too smart to allow that to happen and other guys will step up. They have weapons. However, we saw what Philly did to them in pre season vs. their entire team minus Brady. Baskett doesn't fumble and it's 31-0 at half with Cassel at the helm. Is ee the Pats playing very inspired this week and benefitting froma terrible division, but ending up around 10-6. Wouldn't it be nice to see everyone pay back that turd Belichek this year for all of the 50 pointers he hung on teams last year when he was already up by 30? God I'd love to play them this year with a healthy Birds team and just bitch slap them around. I think the AFC looks pretty weak in general and they;ll hang in, but I'm hoping betetr AFC teams, like Pittsburgh, just pummel the Pats this year.


P.S. Care to lay a guess on MNF score? I say 24-21 but undecided on a winner yet. Leaning towards Big D at home, but only because I liked what their O line did last week.


7:53 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

who's tom brady? is he related to this brett farv everyone keeps talking about?

9:35 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

in all seriousness, i think there's nothing good about a QB going down. we've certainly had more than enough of our share of QB injuries wrecking seasons (1992, half of mcnabb's career), so i can empathize with all those patriot bandwa... i mean fans out there.

however, one good thing is that we're going to find out once and for all who was the key to the patriots and whether belichick is really a genius or not. was it a combination of brady and the cheating or was it belichick's superior coaching? curious minds want to know.

9:39 AM EDT  

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