Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday Links

nothing like cowboys week to keep the football stories going. here are some interesting links from the last two days:

- lots of re-hashing of eagles-cowboys memories from eagles beat writers of the past and delcotimes, among others

- todd archer of the dallas morning news notes that tony romo seems to have had a tough time figuring out jim johnson's defenses. gcobb thinks jj is in romo's head.

- john smallwood is seeing what a lot of us are -- the old mcnabb is back

- micah warren on has excerpts from nate newton on the michael irvin show
-The Cowboys just don’t have anyone to cover Westbrook. That pretty much is what it is. They have to control him some how.

-The Cowboys can’t let Donovan go overboard. He isn’t a typical high-end QB because he doesn’t have that one WR (T.O.) to keep going to. Donovan will spread the ball around early and often, using those short patterns to draw the Cowboys in. If Donovan gets it going, it will be a long (he emphasized “loooong”) day for Dallas.

-Andy Reid is a top two or three head coach in the NFL. Andy Reid continually does more with less than anyone else in the league. If you look at his history, he continually gives Dallas fits. The game hinges completely on Reid.

-The Cowboys looked great against Cleveland, but that was Cleveland. The Eagles are a much tougher opponent.

-Andy Reid is a great coach that makes sure to focus on his inside guys more than his outside guys. Trent Cole is an excellent defensive end and the Eagles also have a huge offensive line.
- the cowboys seem to be doing a lot of yapping considering a) it's so early in the year and b) they haven't won a single playoff game since 1996. for what it's worth, the birds and mcnabb seem to be doing a good job of keeping quiet.

- one cowboys newspaper is bitching about the cowboys inability to draft o-linemen. the other is calling the o-line a "blockbuster"

- the cowboys didn't draft a wideout this year because they thought there were no impact receivers in the draft

- reuben frank notes that the birds are 13-5 against the cowboys under andy reid, but have started a season 2-0 only once in the last 14 seasons. he also notes that kevin kolb had a nice game in mop up duty and that his career passer rating is now 103.5, and that hank baskett is one of only 5 receivers in nfl history with 3 catches of 85 yards or more (and the only one with 3 catches of 87 yards or more).

- gcobb thinks that two keys to the game are blocking demarcus ware and covering jason witten (he thinks the best way to take witten out of the game might be to have demps cover him).

- rick gosselin thinks brian westbrook is the best back to ever play in the worst coast offense



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