Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Links

- some notes of interest from the inquirer eagles blog:

Today, wide receivers Jason Avant and Kevin Curtis both appeared ready to step into starting roles. Avant made two spectacular catches in tight coverage, while Curtis showed speed and talent throughout the drills.

New linebacker Takeo Spikes continued to spend time learning the Eagles' defense. Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson was complimentary after the practice, calling the 10-year veteran "a pro's pro."

McNabb shows no signs of a limp or any other impairmant as he jogs around the field and jokes around with teammates. He looks physically fit and his spirits seem high. McNabb, who missed the second half of last season after knee surgery, has said that his recovery is ahead of schedule.

Assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg agreed with that assessment yesterday, saying that if he hadn't known McNabb had knee surgery, he wouldn't have been able to tell by seeing him around the practice facility.

- garry cobb stirring things up a little. he wonders if JJ knows how to play run defense. he predicts that mike mccoy, jerome mcdougle, and darren howard will all be cut from the team. he rightfully questions why the media isn't toasting trotter for his lack of "leadership" skills. he also posts his take on mini-camp.

- if thomas and runyan can maintain their level of play, this eagles o-line will probably be the best group i've seen. it's easy to forget that they have two high draft picks sitting on the bench behind the starters.

- b-dawk gets a nomination as the "best leader" in the nfl. interesting to note that the guy who pick dawk is a cowboys beat writer.

- courier post eagles blog notes that saverio rocca is outpunting dirk johnson so far

- prompted by trotter's claim of having made 160+ tackles last season, derek at igglesblog analyzed the difference between the tackle stats published by the nfl and the tackle stats published by the birds

- phils continue their up and down play, but fortunately were in a up cycle during their 3 game series with the mets. watched the final innings of all three games, good stuff. pat burrell came out of his drunken stupor long enough to have a couple of good at-bats

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Anonymous Phil said...

You have have to give the fat fock credit for knowing his o-linemen. They've had nothing but good players (most sub-5th rounders, too) since 2000. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised Runyan and Thomas have held up as well as they have over the past 2 years. Probably asking too much for that to continue. At least they've got good depth though.

7:49 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since TMG is not leaving us any new posts to write on, I hope somebody sees this. Heard some interesting commentary on the Jodi Mac show today. He was asking "...if Mc5 has another couple solid years in an Eagle uniform and surpasses all Jaworski's passing records (Td's, yards, completion % and wins or passer rating..." (I can't remember the last one). Should the eagles retire his #. Then asked the same question about B-Dawk, who he described as a potential hall of famer -- I agree with the potential hall of famer and agree that the Eagles should retire dawk's #, it's a no-brainer to me. This guy currently represents the heart and soul of Eagles football and what the fans of Eagledom expect from their beloved team.
Mc5 represents an interesting conundrum to me on this issue. While I think he's a top 5 QB and wouldn't want anyone other than the obvious in his place (Brady, Manning). I don't even consider retiring Mc5's # unless he brings us a couple super bowl victories in the coming seasons (and definitely more than 1 to merit # retirement), even if he does surpass the Jaws records. Another Jodi Mac stmnt that I disagreed with, was that fans opinion doesn't matter when it comes to # retirement -- BULLSH** !!!!! I think fan opinion should maybe be the #1 requirement for # retirement. If you are so beloved in your city, for whatever reason, heart, toughness or whatever other criteria the FANS loved you for -- then it is the ultimate sign of respect from the city, team AND fans, that nobody else on that team will ever wear that #. I don't even think statistical excellence should be the # 1 determination - this should be the one area where fan admiration and love should determine the outcome. You have the league hall of fames, some cities have their own halls, and that's where the sportswriters and all the other so-called "experts" can make the decision. # retirement should be for, and by, the fans. Look at the Eagles whose #'s are retired -- Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Chuck Bednarek. All well deserved, but I think more beloved by the fans, and very representative of the toughness and heart expected from Eagles fans than maybe some other players with better "stats". Only SB wins will bring Mc5 the love and admiration that I think are required for # retirement. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
Thoughts, gentlemen ?????????


9:55 PM EDT  

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