Monday, April 30, 2007

Kiper on Eagles Draft

kiper gives the birds a C- for their draft and writes:

First, they made a trade with the Cowboys, who used the pick on defensive end Anthony Spencer. Then, the Eagles used the 36th overall pick (their first pick in the draft) on Houston QB Kevin Kolb when QBs Drew Stanton, John Beck and Trent Edwards were all still on the board. I thought Kolb was a reach because he reminds me of Kyle Boller. Defensive end Victor Abiamiri was a good pick in the second round, and linebacker Stewart Bradley was a decent choice in the third round. Running back Tony Hunt was a good third-round pick; C.J. Gaddis, I thought, would have been a priority free agent instead of a fifth-rounder; Brent Celek is an average tight end prospect; and cornerback Rashad Barksdale will battle for roster spot.
kolb reminds kiper of kyle boller?

let's see, boller is the guy with questionable accuracy who pushed himself into the first round with a ridiculously strong arm (throwing through the uprights while down on one knee at the combine) who played himself out of a job with his inability to complete a 5 yard pass.

meanwhile, kolb is the guy with slightly above average arm strength and ridiculously good short ball accuracy who played in the all passing all the time run n' shoot offense.

yeah, i can see how one might remind you of the other.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful...Kiper is a football person. It stands to reason his opinion is very important.

11:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

important? What the hell does that mean? Important for what? Important to the Eagles head coach? HA!

Does Kiper have a job in the NFL? NO?????? Then he's NOT a "football" person. He's a media tubesteak writing because he doesn't know how to do anything else to make money.

- Joe

11:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a terrible pick. It either means that McNabb is not healing as well as they say or it means that they have doubts about him, either of which means the Birds as we know them will implode soon enough. I gave the draft a D. As excited as I was about 2006, I am disgusted this year. They got no value at 26, they had their arrogant attitude of "we're pretty good, we have no huge needs". i don;t recall a Super Bowl parade, but maybe I'm forgetful.

This was a bad draft. Having Reid out so long may have affected it, but I feel they ahd about the worst draft in the league. got no one to help them now.


12:25 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

bumble, am i correct in recalling that you lobbied for the eagles to take a high-round QB several times this offseason?

now that they've done what you asked for, why the turnaround?

12:41 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe -

If you take another look at my post and try to unfreeze your brain, you'll understand that we're saying the same thing, rocket scientist.

3:46 PM EDT  

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