Friday, June 01, 2007

LeBron James

i hope people saw that game lebron james had last night. it was the single greatest playoff performance i've ever seen. not even close. if you didn't see it, here are some links:

- truehoop
- espn
- inquirer
- cnnsi
- sportsline

people are going to bring up jordan's 63 point game and magic's game against the sixers in 80. those were damn terrific, but it's interesting to note that a) the bulls lost jordan's 63 point game and b) magic's team was still pretty good even though kareem was injured (michael cooper, jamaal wilkes, and norm nixon were on that team).

lebron is playing on a team with the same types of players that AI has been playing with (i.e. guys who can't play) and with a team that literally runs no offensive sets and has no coaching. every possession in the 4th quarter and overtime was clear out and give lebron the ball at the top of the key. it was ridiculous, and yet against a very good defensive team in the pistons, lebron was driving the lane and getting in for layups and dunks or getting fouled. i've never seen anything like it.

it's hard to believe he's only 22.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing !!! This kid is the real deal. I have never seen a single player dominate a game and carry his team like that -- Jordan in his prime was close, but even he had Scotty Pippen and better role players than Lebron has around him. Imagine if the Cavs can pick up an impact free agent -- maybe a quality point guard to run the offense -- holy cow !!!!! I read a recent article and there was an excerpt from an interview last year where the coach said he was concentrating so much on installing a defensive system and teaching his players how to defend, that "....on offense I just pretty much gave the ball to Lebron and let him handle it...."
He is scary good....and not a fucking jackass like that Kobe asshole.


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