Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PFT Needs New Friends

i like reading because a) it's the most frequently updated football site on the net, b) the information is unusually accurate for a rumor site, c) the analysis is often insightful, and d) it can be funny at times.


i really wish he would stop presenting information he gets from the philadelphia media guys he's aligned himself with as "inside information". first of all, he's tied himself to guys who have obviously and consistently had an agenda to stir up controversy and who don't know ANYTHING about football. that fathead in the morning and sal paolantonio are not getting any inside info from or about the birds. everything from those guys is pure speculation.

from the site today:
ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, a former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter who understands the ins and outs of the city's pro football team as well as or better than anyone, writes that 2007 is an "evaluation year" for quarterback Donovan McNabb, and that the team might very well move on (or move out) at the position if McNabb doesn't stay healthy and perform effectively.

Paolantonio reports that many players are wondering whether McNabb is embarking on his lame-duck season. "It's Super Bowl or bust for Donovan this year," a veteran defensive player told Paolantonio. "And everybody knows it."

come on, sal. this is just like when you were saying how the eagles regretted cutting corey simon and how they wish they had him back (i'm assuming because they wanted to be the ones to have to put him on IR for morbid obesity).

sal loves making sensational statements and suggesting potential catastrophe is around the corner, but i can't remember a single one of his predictions/statements actually happening.

this is what i remember from last season:

- mcnabb goes down and garcia is tapped as the starter. sal goes on TV and says the only reason that the eagles picked garcia over feeley (who sal thought was obviously the better QB) was that the eagles were afraid of stirring up a QB controversy. that because garcia was d-o-n-e, he was the innocuous choice. (good job sal)

- garcia plays a couple of non-descript games and sal goes on DNL and says that garcia is a better QB than mcnabb citing completion percentage and that if the eagles want to win, they should pick garcia over mcnabb.

if you're looking for someone to say sh*t to get a reaction. sal and angelo are your men. the ironic thing is that those two guys -- paolantonio and cataldi -- cannot stand each other. each one thinks the other is a jackass. about this, they're both right.



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