Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mike Mayock on Nate Ilaoa

mike mayock in a interview:

There is this bowling-ball running back out of Hawaii named Nate Ilaoa. He is a 255-pound, overweight bowling ball. He didn't run well at the combine and if he gets drafted it will be probably be in the sixth or seventh round or he'll be a free agent. This kid came to Hawaii as a wide receiver and was a productive wide receiver until he stated gaining all this weight.

I put the tape on to watch a free safety from Boise State and this running back kept running people over and making people miss. I said: Who is this kid? I made a few phone calls and watched some more tapes. You don't want to buy into him because he is so out of the box, but he's just the kind of kid that has something. He intrigues me.



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