Sunday, November 26, 2006

Armon Gilliam Commercial

hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. due to family responsibilities (hosting thanksgiving and two other get togethers), i was unable to spend any time blogging this week.

one curious thing i saw on tv, i don't know what the commercial was for, but i swear i saw one time sixer armon "hammer" gilliam playing one-on-one against a midget and then getting dunked on by said midget. i'd bet dollars to donuts that it was him. hope he's not doing it for the money. he had a long career and was once a top 5 pick, hope he didn't squander all that money.

most of my memories about him are as part of the great UNLV teams back in the 80s. the only thing i remember about him as a sixer is that he was a pretty soft player, which was ironic given his nickname.



Blogger Steve said...

Did anyone see the New England/Chicago game today? Man, that bellichick is an innovator. On third and short, he called this unbelievable play. I don't ven know how to describe it.

It started out like a normal third and short play...snap to the QB, who I was assuming would drop back to pass. Instead of doing that, he RAN FORWARD behind the linemen who, instead of pass blocking, PUSHED THE DEFENSIVE LINE BACKWARDS far enough for the QB to pick up the first.

Unbelieveable. What a football mind.

8:31 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Last night in a dome in Indianapolis, the Almost Great Eagles team from this century’s first decade was finally laid to rest. The team had fought adversity admirably earlier during 2006, however the struggle to live finally came to an end. It ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

The death of this Almost Great team has been near for several weeks. The final nail went into the coffin last week as the leader and heart of the team, Donovan McNabb, shredded his ACL and was placed on IR. Hope remained though as the back-up QB had experienced success in the past. Also, the defense was still relatively healthy and had been known to shut down strong offenses in the past. Unfortunately, both have aged to such an extent that winning was no longer possible. Not against the NEs and INDs of the NFL. Nor against the TENs and TBs.

I will forever fondly recall the wonderful 5 years of Almost Greatness. The upset of the highly favored Bears in the playoffs. The run of 4 consecutive NFC Championship games. The one, lone Super Bowl appearance. They gave us Ws. They gave us joy. But most of all, they gave us hope. Almost Great Eagles, you will be sorely missed.

12:32 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who saw it..thats great .

5:45 PM EST  

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