Sunday, November 19, 2006

Game 10 Thoughts

it was impressive the way the team rallied around reno mahe today after the franchise left the game with an injury that ends the season for the philadelphia eagles and probably makes next season a wipeout as well.

despite the adversity of losing their best player to a catastrophic knee injury, the eagles knuckled up and followed their second best player to 27.0 yards per return on 4 kickoffs and 12.3 yards per return on 3 punts. those are pro-bowl numbers, my friend. no quit in reno mahe for sure.

let's recount mahe's terrific day:

- reno returns his first kickoff 25 yards to the 32 after a drive by the titans where they converted the first of many third and longs, matt mccoy missed his first of many tackles that enabled travis henry to run for 43 yards, and vince young evaded darren howard and threw a TD pass to ben troupe being covered by TAFKABD. the fact that a stupid penalty by jason short sent them back to the 17 shouldn't overshadow the fact that reno set a statement with that return that he was not going to be denied in the return game today.

- reno returns his first punt of the day 16 yards to the 29 after the eagles make a critical stop after a glorious call by the eagles brain trust on 3rd and goal from the half yard line resulted in mcnabb rolling left and trying to throw to the only receiver out in a pattern, the double covered TE who never met a ball he couldn't find a way to drop or fumble and was bracketed by defenders in front and behind him. faced with the reality that this was the ONLY FREAKING GUY WHO WAS AVAILABLE TO THROW TO ON A THIRD AND HALF YARD WHERE A SNEAK WOULD ALMOST CERTAINLY HAVE RESULTED IN A TD, mcnabb makes the stupid decision to try to finesse the ball over the first defender. the fact that there should have been no punt to return had TAFKABD simply caught and returned for a TD the ball that vince young put into his hands, again does not minimize the statement that reno made with his first punt return. he was secure with the ball, decisive with his cuts, and ran with power. the eagles clearly fed off the momentum supplied by reno's punt return, because the immediately took the ball and hammered it home for the FG when greg lewis clanked a pass off his metal encased hands on a perfectly thrown ball on third and short.

- reno's great day continued when he returned the next titans punt 13 yards to the 39 after the eagles fed off the momentum of the greg lewis drop and forced the titans into a 3 and out.

- another successful return after the eagles forced the titans into a 3 and out after the eagles were forced to punt shortly after their season ended on the far sideline. despite having to watch their best player being carted off the field, reno showed no quit. sure, the return was called back due to a holding penalty, but you can't let minor details bog you down when you're trying to recover from a catastrophic loss.

- poor reno didn't get to show his skills again until the second half, when he returned the opening second half kick 32 yards to the 47. a "mah-nster" return you might say. too bad he didn't get to return a punt at the end of the first half. those sissy ass were too scared to punt it to reno and instead held the ball for the final 4 minutes of the first half and kicked a field goal instead.

- reno got another chance right away though when he returned a kickoff for 23 yards to the 40 to regain momentum after travis henry's 847 yard touchdown run.

- pissed about being upstaged by his counterpart on the titans returning a punt 90 yards for a TD, reno made sure the eagles had decent field position by returning the kickoff 17 yards to the 30.

- after having made those statement returns, reno wasn't much of a factor the rest of the way as the titans either punted away from him, forced him into fair catches, or scored touchdowns to keep the ball away from him. sensing this shift away from reno, the eagles brain trust quickly switched things up by getting him into the game on offense and giving him a chance to be help them in other creative ways.

important next steps for the philadelphia eagles:
1) receivers and d-backs stop using gloves made out of chainmail
2) do some research on the mythical play called QB sneak
3) stop drafting players from rutgers, san diego state, or anywhere in florida
4) don't lose sight of how nice it is to have a QB playing who reminds you every day just how good your star QB is and how will get better once that star QB returns sometime next season.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

P-U....stinky, stinky, stinky...M Giggy (Mean Guy) has turned to a cynic which is just grand....what a stinky day....I actually got a chuckle from the most recent posts...Bumblew...was that an erroneous Bumble type or someone mocking the Bull...just too funny...
For those of you that go to games, do you understand how hard it is to watch the Birds? Every week whoever calls the games just rips them play in and play out for questionable calls, inconsistent play, suspect personnel, et is brutal and tough to watch....Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcotts just ripped them (which they totally deserved) the entire's painful...and it's painful how we make every team look good.
I think it's time just to call a spade a spade...the root cause is simple...they just aren't very good. That's why they lose.

8:19 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. We have vastly over-rated their talent when in fact they have one great player-who cannot stay healthy for an entire year-and a lot of average to below average players. In all seriousness, the followign players concern me and need to be addressed.

1. Trotter-too slow, can no longer make any plays in space. We need a MLB.
2. Dawk-love the guy, but secondary guys get old in a hurry and get picked on-he's getting picked on.
3. William (not the good LB) Thomas-cannot run block, gimpy back, good bye Tra, hello Winston.
4. Andrews-Premature on that contract extension-this guy seems to lack that mean bone where he just steam rolls people. Fixable, but he played like a pussue yesterday
5. McCoy-cannot play. Cannot run, cannot tackle, he was a sixth rounder in everyone else's draft for a reason.
6. Reggie Brown-Why the extension? This guy cannot catch a VD in a Thailand whorehouse with no domer and a fistful of yen.
7. LJ-Biggest pussue in the league. they desperately need an upgrade at this position. This guy and Schoebel suck.
8. Garcia-If you get a backup, make sure he can throw longe rthan 25 yard patterns. This is pro football. Feely better be starting next week.
9. Patterson-anothe rbig money, low play guy. He looked awesome early in the year. His game has regressed since USC. Maybe the Birds line coaches are as terrible as I think they are.
10. Bunkley-or Bustley as I like to call him. Does this guy even play?
11. McDougle-Yuck. We traded up for this mess.
12. McNabb-he sucked before he went out for the year on an injury where he WASN't TOUCHED!!! 3 of the last 5 years he's missed half the year. he was in a fog again yesterday and that ill-timed INT on the 1 foot line killed the team. veterans cannot do that. He will never be a leader. My favorite Bird of all time, but he will never be the model of poise and consistency that this team desperately needs him to be. I'd keep him, but you need to change the philosophy of the team to match his strengths-he doesn't like pressure and you put 100% of it on him with the design of your shit offense. Help a brother out.
13. Reid-He has lost this team. Either he needs to go or they need to deep six 6 or 7 turds, but there is no fear of punishment for drops, stupid penalties, shoddy tackling, emotional lapses. The team doesn't fear him and what you get is a season full of flat performances by a comfortable group of over-paid players (Green Bay, San Fran, Tampa, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Tennessee were all flat performances). I am not a Coughlin fan, but three years ago, that team was playing like the Birds are now and he cleaned house. Maybe the Birds need someone to come in and kick these players in the teeth. They obviously cannot self-motivate like big boys, so time to ridicule them down to the five year olds they are. Reid isn't the guy to do that.
14. Management-stop patting yourselves on the back for managing the cap well and overpaying underperforming players that no one else would want anyway and start doing things to win championships. I no longer care about the cap, I want to win!

Incidently, Runyan played his heart out yesterday and never gave up as Vanden Bosch ran around him all day. He is the epitome of warrior to me. They need more John Runyans on this team. The team also ran well yesterday, the dozen times they did it. I don't know why the refuse to run.

Ben you are right, the Soriano deal may be the stupidest deal in pro sports history. The Phils should have no shame not making that ridonculous move. Now it's time to extend their future in Howard and Utley. You have the dough, do the right thing.


9:06 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I am sad to say there's no fight in this dog. None. I put out more effort cheering for these guys each week than they do on the field.

I am sad to say I was over this loss by the time I made it back to my car. Ugh. I've seen this show before. Didn't we call it Buddy Ball the last time around?

I am sad to say these WRs are killing this team. Stallworth is the only one who doesn't have 3 drops a game. Frankly, all the other "problems" pale in comparison to the drive killing drops that occur on EVERY FREAKIN SERIES!!!!!

I am sad to say that I'm coming around to the idea that these coaches are the problem. I still think you give Reid 1 last do-over for his first 6 years. But next year is it. No play-offs, good-bye.

9:21 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I am happy to say that this was a great review of the game. Actually brought a smile to my face.

9:21 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

And I am sad to say there is only one way to probably fix the problem....drastic measures, one way or the other....if nothing happens this is just a pile of stinking shit coming back for next year....Andy can't just blame himself for poor play....the team, unfortunately that he assembled, has no "dog" or fight in doesn't take a football expert to see that this is a flawed team....Donovan and Westbrook are the only players worth a damn and that may be it. Akers I guess. I do love Runyan, but he is an old warrior, like Trot and Dawk. Stallworth at times...I would play Feely and just go to a simpler offensive approach and see if keeping it simple can salvage the last 6 games....doubt it, though.

Honestly, I hate the offense with intense passion and how do you throw your back up 46 times?? But Andy can't catch for Butterhands Brown or LJ "Drops a Plenty" Smith....the plays are there, the players just stink

10:46 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I didn't post anything last week, but is there anything worse than being a Philly sports fan....a Washington fan, a Cleveland or Seattle fan...maybe so. Washington is the only thing that rivals it in my eyes....they have 4 majors, but at least they have won since 1983 and had a nice streak with the first Gibbs go around (the other teams stink, though)'s a painful mix of bad luck and piss poor ownership or high level management, in my opinion....when will it end?

If anyone blames the fans for this, they should be boiled in their own pudding...humbug I tell you. Pshaw!!! The look I saw in Big Red's eyes yesterday was a beaten man. Do you blame the media, the fans, the ownership....well fans, no way. Media, they just report the facts and ask the hard questions...okay the media contributes to some of the negativity, but that's hogwash....coaching...yes, but who picks!!!!

12:25 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

On another happy note, Andre Waters just passed away at the age of 44. They haven't released the cause yet, but I'd be willing to wager on a heart condition of some sort. We can also probably speculate on what caused it.

1:04 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

It's being reported as a possible suicide.

1:22 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does TAFKABD mean ?? Sorry if I'm dense, but my brain has shut down in an attempt to minimze the pain !


3:56 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I believe it's "the artist formerly known as Brian Dawkins", although given his loss of speed, it could also be "the athlete formerly known as Brian dawkins".


3:58 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

sorry, it means "the artist formerly known as brian dawkins" because as much as i still love him, that ain't brian dawkins anymore.

4:16 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Agreed, I still love him, too - but he's clearly lost a step.

5:13 PM EST  

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