Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NCAA Makes Me Want to Vomit

president of the NCAA claims they deserve their tax-exempt status because their primary goal is education.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's unclear how the committee's investigation may proceed since last week's midterm elections means committee chairmanships will change hands, with Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., in line to run Ways and Means."

You can say that again...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we're on the topic of vomit and vomiting, I'm growing a little concerned with the actions of Martini-Man Pat Gillick.

Wes Helms? Are you kidding me? It's hard to get excited about bringing in a .265 hitter with marginal power to play third base, especially since he can't play third base. I realize Nunez had a career year before Pat traded for his sorry ass last year, but I half expected him to learn from his mistake. I guess Pat's expecting Helms to hit .325 as a platoon player and not kill the team with fielding errors in the process. I'm not.

We don't make a run at A-Ram who signs for $73 million, but we seem intent to get into a bidding war for strike-out machine Soriano, who will cost in excess of $100 million in a best case scenario. We can't figure out what to do with Rowand or Burrell, other than drive down their respective trade values with silly talk.

I'm the most optimistic guy on the planet when it comes to the Phillies, but I'm really starting to worry that they are blowing an opportunity to compete strong in the very weak National League.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Start talking about signing pitching!!

Trading Burrell seems to be the only thing that excites Mr. Gillick. Have another martini, Pat...

PS: Thank you for whoever is responsible for pulling the plug on Scott Graham. I'm not sure if I could have endured another summer of listening to his obvious flirtations with Larry Anderson. There is no room for this kind of nonsense in the broadcast booth...


8:18 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ben-jammin'---always love hot stove your insight...first off, I never enjoyed Scott Graham and hope he is pulled off, but I love Wheels so who am I (and of course Harry)....secondly and more importantly...personnel....looked at Helms career stats and you are right he looks like a marginal impact player....although often with baseball the older that you get (early to mid-thirties) is when you start to flourish...I looked at years when he got a bunch of at bats and he produced when he got more reps....he does have some pop and had a good year last's not A Ram, it's not Rich Aurilia, but he's also not going to cost you a ton of money and I think that they are okay with Helms/Nunez at the corner. Secondly, I like Soriano as a Phil, don't love him, but you have to admit he has a lot of upside offensively, both on the basepaths and at the plate...lots of K's yes, but lots of bombs and he could really tee off at the Bank. The way it's playing out, now especially if Helms is your man, is that I think I want them to get Soriano....Victorino, J Roll, Soriano, Howard, Utley at 1-5 looks pretty must bat Soriano before Howard to utilize his speed. Things to think about:
1. I think the El Duque signing really drove up Wolfie's asking price...I think the Phils were hoping to get him at a relatively low (maybe Moyer money), but now it looks like they may get out-bid.
2. None of the perceived aces knock my socks off....but 2 Martini Pat really must do his homework to get a 5 and some durable bullpen arms.
3. So, I would try to trade Rowand back to the Chisox for one of their expensive pitchers (Garcia, Vasquez)...I think that would kill 2 birds, a fifth starter and eliminate the man with the hole in his swing....
4. Here's what Gibson Pat is banking on...once Soriano goes, there are not a lot of big bats left....Burrell is going to look better (30/100)....this may bump up his trade value and make it easier to trade him (which Manhatten Pat is going to do)
5. I am hoping for a C, but I think that this is lower on G and T Pat's priority list...Estrada for Floyd would be nice, though.

9:55 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Nothing on the 23 years of ineptitude series in the papers yesterday? Read them on the train home from NYC last night. Very depressing. I think the interesting thing that we all keep over looking is that we've had the shots. 7 championship series/games since 1983, but no rings/trophies. Oh fer seven! What are the odds of that happening? I think that may be the bigger issue with the drought. Every 3 years we get a shot at a parade, yet can't close the deal for whatever reason. I think that's why the Philly fans are so obsessed/agitated/frustrated/etc. We're tired of being teased.

10:52 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True Phil, but besides the outside chance that the Eagles have, who else could even get to the post-season either this or next year? No one, that's who. Other teams get better, and Philly teams stay the course or get worse. We will not see post season in hockey for 3 years, I predict.

- Joe

11:42 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Well, apparently a bunch of people were bulled (no pun intended) up on the Phillies. And since we're only 1 year removed from the Eagles SB loss, we still have 2 more years before another shot presents itself.

12:23 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Dog -

You have me a little worked up right now.

1. Helms isn't likely to get better now that he's older than 30. He isn't a starting pitcher or a pure power hitter. He's a role player. He is what he is. Name another infielder who has learned how to field his position after 30. If this guy played full-time he might make 60 errors. Think about the implications. The pitchers will just love this guy.

2. Bat Soriano in front of Howard because of his speed? Not likely, Dog. Soriano may be speedy, but he can't run the bases (other than stealing second, which is unproductive in front of Howard) to save his life. Chase is arguably one of the best base runners in the game going 1st to 3rd, 2nd to home, etc. Besides, we'd be paying Soriano $100 million+ specifically because he bats right handed and could offer protection for Howard. With Utley hitting 5th, why wouldnt a sharp manager simply send in a buzzsaw lefty from the pen to mow down Howard and Utley?

3. Forget Wolfe. He's already packed his bags. He'll get $8-10 million per year from someone, but it won't be us. Kind of makes you feel used, doesn't it? Teach your kids to toss left handed.

4. Gillick is waiting for the Bat's trade value to increase? Maybe. I get the point that the Bat will have more value after other mercanaries sign and frustrated GMs stare at his decent statistics. I get it. Unfortunately, Gillick is doing everything possible to sabotage Bat's value. Does a day ever go by where he doesn't denigrate the Bat or explain how willing the Phillies would be to pick up a "large chunk" of the Bat's salary? Why does Gillick keep feeling the need to discuss the Bat's no trade clause, etc? Can't he just shut up, pretend the Phillies think he has value and wait to see what happens? Damn, it's like Gillick went to the Bobby Clarke school of general managing. What a dope. Perhaps the reason we don't have Phil Hughes is because Gillick assumes that every GM simply opens up and says exactly what's on his mind, no matter what the circumstances...

5. Rowand's as good as gone. It's a shame Pat didn't realize that by not picking up his option he told the rest of the league he's expendable. So much for landing a quality starting pitcher for him.

6. Johnny Estrada??? Just what the Phillies need. Another guy who swings at every pitch. To be fair, at least he makes contact.

I love where your head's at, Doggie, but you aren't barking up my tree right now.


1:29 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ben, I am sorry to frustrate with you. I intended to get a good hot stove dialogue, not annoy you. I agree with your points though on Jim Beam Pat's showing of his hands. I don't understand why he tipped his hands so much. Let me explain myself with some of your concerns....Soriano can not bat behind Ryan Howard, at least in my opinion as he will have no room to run. And Utley will be able to protect him at 5. That would be the real pushback on any of your points. Helms may be a stiff, we'll see. I don't know enough about him and will defer to you on that. I think that we both agree that Wolf is gone and I agree that Pat is showing his cards too much. Estrada would be an upgrade, and I think that we could get him without giving up much. Especially if the D-backs take him for a stiff like Floyd....I am perpelexed a little, though? How did I work you up?

2:14 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

And one more quick thing that I thought of while I was getting coffee, I understand your concern with a manager bringing in a slider throwing lefty to face Howard and Utley....but is that a concern that you really care about outside of the last third of the game? I do always see the value of having left-right-left especially at 3-4-5 (or right-left-right), but don't you realistically want to get the best, most efficient run-producing line-up there?...I think the best bet would probably be Utley-Howard-Soriano, that follows the same pattern and still leaves the lumbering Howard in front of really don't think he is a scorer? I think he's a base stealing machine and run scorer, but I could be wrong.

2:31 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Dog,

Worked up in a good way! This is the first time anyone has shown real enthusiasm for baseball on this site and I'm digging it...

I understand where you're coming from with the line up, but trust me when I tell you that Soriano isn't a good base runner (at least compared with Utley, who is exceptional). Yes, he is fast and yes he steals bases. But he is clueless with regard to say scoring from first on a Ryan Howard double. (He is also clueless with respect to situational base stealing, but that's a topic for another day). Utley is damn near the best in the business at this kind of thing. If you hit Soriano in front of Howard, when would he steal bases? Give up the hole for Howard just so a pitcher can walk him (Howard)? No thanks.

Can Soriano protect Howard? I don't know to be honest. It would be great having a right-hand sock behind him (prevents too many premature lefty relief pitchers, which we would see with Utley 5th), but Soriano is an undisciplined hitter. Does it strike you as odd that Washington hit him first where he would see fastballs and swing at anything he wanted? Why would you hit a 40-homer guy first on a team with no power? Fact is, I'm not sure where you want to hit Soriano (or Rollins for that matter). This is yet another reason I'm pissed off that we didn't sign A-Ram.

I'm not frustrated with you, Big-Dog, I'm frustrated with the Phillies and Pat Gillick.

Sorry if it didn't come across clearly (rereading my post I see why it didn't).


3:01 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

okay, I feel a little bit better...the Big Dog is a football/baseball hound. Big time, I know that I've talked baseball before on the site....I think you are the resident Peter Gammons and Mean Guy is the resident R. a matter of fact they are the only sports that I really care about....don't get me wrong, I like basketball, regular wrestling, hockey, and golf, too, but anytime you want to talk baseball or football I am in. I am more concerned with the Eagles and Hot Stove now than hockey and hoops combined.

3:18 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am no baseball expert, but I enjoy the game. Does anyone else believe that the Phils will do nothing this off season? They just won't get it done. I hear the chances of getting Soriano are slim because they won't go 7 years. Not that they should, I don't know if that's a good or bad move, but it's always about beign cheap with them. They won't even get in the game for the big money pitchers.

However, Wolfie is not a loss. Yes he's a lefty, a gutless turd of a leftie who doesn't last past the 5th in 80% of his starts. Anyone willing to pay him $8 mill hasn't watched baseball for the past 5 years. Good riddance.


11:10 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bumble -

What "big money" pitchers would you pay for in this year's crop? (Please don't include the guys who have already said they have no interest in pitching here like Zito & Schmidt).

I'm all for spending money, but spending money just for the hell of it makes you silly (and not the opposite of cheap).

If spending $8 million for Wolfie makes you blanche, why would you want the Phils to spend a similar amount for another stiff?

I bet the Phils surprise you and sign Soriano (and I'm not saying it's a good idea either).


7:36 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

The Bull is the Archie Bunker of Scrapple....the Phillies are going fill needs this off-season and I, too, would not be surprised to see Soriano in Phillies red. From a pure entertainment perspective, Utley, Soriano and Howard is a pretty exciting run....could you imagine if the Phillies can't trade the Bat and had him at 6...that is like a men's softball league team with bombs. And K's. Throw in J Roll and Victorino/Rowand (I think Bat and Rowand are toast, though)Don't fret, if anything with Pina Colada Pat I think he is a competent baseball guy.

9:03 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you're right, Big Dog. Adding Soriano could make this a REALLY entertaining lineup. Gun to my head, I'd tell you the hell with the strikeouts, let's let the good times roll. Could be a new version of the '70's Pittsburgh lumber crew. Everyone swings.

I'm confident we can pick up serviceable guys for the bullpen and I'm fine with our starters.


9:36 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

The best thing with that Pirates team (which I hated at the time, but loved now) is that they had a bunch of brothers who would be smoking butts in the dugout. All they needed was coffee or cold beers and it was a like a beer league team...with Teke, the Candy Man, and Rick Rhoden.

10:30 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Single best post by the Big Dog ever. I fell off my chair picturing it.

I am actually really excited for the 2007 Phils. My distrust is ingrained as I think David Montgomery is the most uninspiring human being on the planet. Soriano would be fun. Lots of K, but lots of dongs.

Incidently, I don't like Zito much. I just think Wolfie is a bad picther and would not spend for him.


10:13 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wes Helms' fielding statistics in meaningful action at the hot corner:

2003: .945
2004: .904
2005: .965
2006: .938

The Phillies can't be seriously considering playing this guy at 3rd can they?

I'm pretty sure the kid who plays 3rd for the Middletown Township Little League travel team has a better fielding percentage.

Oh my,


9:57 AM EST  

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