Wednesday, November 15, 2006


some interesting fights on the UFC PPV card this weekend:

- matt hughes defends welterweight title against georges st. pierre
- tim sylvia defends heavyweight against jeff monson
- up and coming brandon vera against former champ frank mir

any predictions? my hope is that gsp and monson both take the belts, but i'm not optimistic that will happen.



Blogger Steve72 said...

GSP by decision.

Monson by sub

Vera by late K.O.

10:35 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Not to blow my own dog whistle, but I just realized that Michael Lewis played nickle LB this past weekend. That means, Andy practically did everything that I suggested on the blog to remedy the team...seriously. Look at the post with Mean Guy's grading system. Plus Barber and Buck got a bunch of reps. Mean Guy, are you going to doubt me's eerie, son.

12:43 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...




8:10 AM EST  

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