Friday, November 17, 2006

Eagles DPAR and DVOA Ranks for Week 11

sorry for my lack of involvement this week. still quite busy at work

- TEAM - the philadelphia eagles jump to 1st in overall team efficiency, but are 2nd in weighted DVOA (more emphasis on recent play). the team drops to 3rd on offense, but staggeringly jumps to 4th on defense (recognize this is for the whole season, not just last game), and moves back up to 17th on special teams. the birds have had the 14th hardest schedule up to this point, and have the 8th hardest from here on out.

ranks for the other teams in the division breaks down like (DVOA/past schedule/future schedule): cowboys 6th/15th/5th, giants 3rd/5th/4th, redskins 19th/2nd/6th. eagles are still the second most consistent team in the nfl, having a variance of only 5.1% in their game performances, and frustratingly continue to lead the nfl in expected wins at 7.7 (giants and bears are second at 6.6).

- QB - donovan mcnabb ranks 5th in DPAR and 5th in DVOA

- RB - brian westbrook ranks 8th in DPAR/3rd in DVOA for rushing and 1st in DPAR/4th in DVOA for receiving

- WR - reggie brown ranks 17th/12th, donte' stallworth ranks 30th/23rd, hank baskett and greg lewis do not have enough catches to qualify in the rankings

- TE - lj smith ranks 16th/20th

- OL - the jackson 5 continues to rank 5th in run blocking and 18th in pass protection. running behind william thomas continues to be a problem. the birds rank 6th sweeping left, 4th up the middle, 9th off right tackle, and 9th sweeping right, but continue to be horrible at 30th off left tackle. i sort of buy the argument that it could be an issue with coordination between herremans and thomas, but then you'd expect to see a similar phenomenon between herremans and jackson.

- DL - the d-line ranks a predictable 23rd against the run and 2nd in pass rushing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you imagine the Eagles will win 7.7 games when only 7.0 remain?

10:42 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

dvoa is backward looking rather than forward looking, so 7.7 is the number of games dvoa would have expected them to win of their 9 games played.

10:48 AM EST  

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