Tuesday, June 06, 2006

McNabb Quote

a flurry of articles about donovan since he's out and about publicizing a fundraiser for his foundation. i think one quote in this article by bob brookover is particularly important coming into the season:
"I'd watch my footwork and my decision making," he said. "There were times when I could have run the ball and picked up yards, but I wasn't able to do that with the injury. I look at the film and say, 'OK, right here I could have done this.' I think it makes me mentally stronger going into the following year."
first, i think it finally gives us visibility into donovan's mindset, that he does recognize the value that his mobility adds.

second, it makes me wonder how long that sports hernia was actually bothering him. he's not one to complain about injuries and he's been noticeably slower for at least 2 seasons. i suspect that the hernia (or some sort of precursor to the hernia) has been bothering him for a while and got to the point of being intolerable last season. there were several articles about new sports hernia procedures that could have him up and running in a just a couple of weeks. when asked about those procedures, both the eagles and mcnabb seemed to indicate that he was not a candidate for those procedures... seems possible the injury got too severe from playing through it for too long.



Anonymous Phil said...

Probably one of those things we'll never know the answer to.

Great question in the Q&A about how much longer he'll play. He wants to play 10 more years, but do we really want him starting for 10 more years? I look to GB now and hope 5 doesn't become like Favre. Producing like Kelly or Marino later on would be OK though.

12:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see McNabb able to produce high level for another 5-8 years depending on the protection he has. If that article was an indicator of how he's feeling, I also think that we'll be seeing some of his old footwork this year, and there'll be a lot more yards from the QB.....

- Joe

1:15 PM EDT  

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