Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eagles Bashing

i saw this and ignored, but phil suggested it's worth a post.

jeff chadiha on says the birds are already out of the running.
If I'm an Eagles fan, I have some major concerns about this offense. It's starting to look a lot like it did back in the days before Terrell Owens blew into town. There isn't a receiver who really scares a defense.
oh yeah, the pre-ME-O days... you mean like the days when the eagles scored a record number of points (virtually the same as they did the season with me-o), with the pitiful james thrash and pinky as their starting wideouts? at worst, reggie brown is a step above james thrash.

the birds will be just fine jeff and my prediction is that they are going to win this competitive division.



Anonymous Phil said...

The Eagles will be better for the same reason why the Chargers are getting worse - "It's the QB, Stupid." This guy's a tool, although I've got another buddy who's sure they finish last in NFC East again this year (easiest $25 I'll make this year). I try not to be a homer, but how can people not realize that a healthy 5 is worth 3 or 4 TOs? I mean, even if TO was the best WR in the league he'd still be only so-so with a mediocre QB.

4:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagles will need to make major improvements in their play to finish .500, so I won't predict a division win without seeing the product on the field. Nevertheless, too many good things have happened this off season to suggest an automatic poor season.

It's all about health, confidence and momentum in the NFL. For now, who knows?

I will say this - if things start poorly and the Eagles put up a doormat season, things will get ugly. This is a front-running, fragile team, which makes sense given the character of their fans. The schedule makers did the Birds a big favor, so I'm optimistic for now, but I can't get too worked up about it until late summer.


9:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

All it took was a day for another take:

Needless to say, I value FO's opinions a LOT more.

10:34 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

This is a front-running, fragile team, which makes sense given the character of their fans.

i'm not sure either of those characterizations is accurate. three seasons ago the birds started off losing their home opener to tampa in the revenge game and then getting blown out by new england. meanwhile, their franchise qb was mentally locked up from his horrible play in the tampa game and playing the worst ball of his career. that team rebounded to make the nfc championship game despite a slew of defensive injuries (including their entire d-line) and their best playmaker on offense (westbrook). i'd say that last season was an aberration and that if you look the eagles have been one of the best teams at dealing with adversity under big red.

as far as the fans, they are dumb, loud, toothless, obnoxious, demanding, drunkards but i don't think you can characterize them as front running or fragile. i'm often surprised at the loyalty that many eagles fans have. i do think you can attribute the characteristics to angelo cataldi, but he doesn't speak for the majority of eagles fans.

1:25 PM EDT  
Blogger Steve72 said...

I have teeth.

...The remainder, however, is accurate.

1:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Suddenly three years ago is proxy
for the character of team, but last year is an aberration? Maybe. I hope you're right. But given the dynamics surrounding the most recent iteration of the team I wonder.

If this team stumbles out of the block, the fans and media will jump so far down their throats that it will be impossible for sensitive Donovan and his (no longer) boys to breathe. A lot has changed from three years ago.

A fast start and good health will cure a lot of what ails the Birds. But I wouldn't count on this bunch rallying from adversity the way they did when they were an up and coming team. A lot of water has run under the bridge since then.

With respect to the Eagles fans, I agree with some of what you say. Yes, they will come to the Linc no matter what. The will buy Jerseys and tune in to 610 all year long. They will run imaginary drafts in their heads and focus on the "good bubbles" percolating in the minors (college).

But I think you're missing my point. If the team stumbles at the start, the fans will turn its Birds obsession into a Donovan witch hunt. Have you been listening (not to Angelo)? The ordinary idiot who follows this team is teetering right now on a very fine edge. A butterfly kiss will cause them to jump off the bridge into either ecstasy or despair.

The majority of Eagles (or Phillies) fans don't think for themselves. You are certainly not representative of the majority, even if I wish you were.


8:21 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree. What you see as the "majority" is really the first person that a "journalist" thought hey let's talk to that guy. And most of them are just randomly walking down city streets or in bars.
The real majority are paople like us with jobs (albeit currently not doing said jobs) that are out in suburban sprawland. We DO think for ourselves. We DO realize that the media is a bunch of idiots trying to create emotional stories just to have some false proof for a need for their worthless job.

And remember. these fans that you see on the TV, and/or in the paper are being egged on, they're also "blinded" by the "mystique" of being involved in a story. People will also try to embellish their feelings there to try and seem more passionate or intelligent on the subject than they really are.

This is a blog. I don't give a rats ass what any of you think, and I'm fairly certain the feelings are mutual. That's how we can be fairly sure that what is beng said here while mostly opinion, is at least truthful opinion.

Oh, one more thing. Did anyone see that the Eagles might try to pick up this guy who's a US champion sprinter?

Now there's a story that I can't believe is true either.....

- Joe

9:30 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

ben, those are fair points, but i was using three seasons ago as an example. i think you can see examples of how the eagles faced adversity in the last 4 seasons and last season was the first time they didn't fight through it. it's possible that last season actually showed the true character of the team, i don't dispute that, but based on how they fought through things like:

- 2002 - McNabb breaks ankle, team rallies and makes the playoffs

- 2003 - Half defense is out, Westbrook is out, team rallies and makes championship game. 4 & 26 also happens.

- 2004 - me-o breaks ankle. team rallies and makes superbowl without him

- 2005 - the super team smashing power of me-o overcomes the birds and fragments the team

i guess the way 2006 turns out will give us a better indication of what this team's psyche is actually like, but i'm betting that they bounce back pretty well. as fragile as don is emotionally, he has always bounced back stronger than before. it might take some time, but he's always done so. he's a legitimate top 3-4 QB in this league and a difference maker.

i see what you're saying about what might happen if the eagles stumble out of the gate though. i hope/expect that it doesn't happen.

9:35 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Good, good commentary, gentlemen. There are some valid points that I didn't consider until I saw it in writing....the Eagles have fought through diversity in the past, except for last year....actually pretty much every year....we never seem to be able to go into the latter parts of a season "relatively" healthy and I quantify that by saying Donovan, Westbrook and TO (when he was here) were, I guess this team does have some character....the one thing that I can't truly get out of my mind, and I am not a member of staff, was some of the personnel and offensive play calling decisions Reid has made....guys, this team doesn't have a FB, doesn't have a SLB, and has mediocre at best receivers....that 85% pass-to-run ratio was worse than Andre Ware-era Houston University.

Also, call Eagles fans what you want and some of those adjectives are accurate....first and foremost they are passionate and take this team and sport personally. For good or bad....we love to watch this team and drink alcohol while we do it....taking it personally sometimes does not allow us to rationalize objectively but at least we are NOT front runners. Most of us have stood by this team through thick and thin, and the thin times we still care and take it personally.

And Cataldi and the Dirty 30 are not the best examples of Eagles fans...go to your local bar on Sunday and then you will see what the true fans are!!

10:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, you come off as sort of bitter about philly teams. I am a loyal Eagles (and Phillies) fan through the inevitable ups and downs. I have a lovely set of teeth, but I will most likely have many beers tonight when i go watch the Phillies try to take a game from the Dodgers. I may even get obnoxious, but I'm pretty sure that I rep the majority of passionate, loyal philly fans who can think for themselves.

By the way, I heard about the idea that the Eagles might let Justin Gatlin have a tryout. He is an absolutely explosive runner and brilliant runner, but at 168 pounds, wouldn't he get broken in half on the gridiron?

4:25 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon -

I've been called a good many things in my life, but bitter isn't one of them, so I'm sorry if I've given you the wrong impression. I'm the guy who loves the Phillies and Eagles, and consistently writes that I enjoy the entertainment they provide whether they win or lose. Remember the love letter I posted to the Phillies before the season began?

I think your confusing my bitterness with our teams to my realistic assessment of the average Philadelphia fan. Let me state my position clearly: The owner of this blog is smarter than 99% of the people in the world and is therefore able to view things rationally. Although I don't know many of the other contributors personally, it stands to reason that most are friends with Pete and therefore also of at least a high degree of intelligence. As such, I have concluded that this blog is no accurate proxy for the typical fan.

The average Philadelphia fan is NOT reasonable, intelligent, or rational. Anyone who has been to a game, visited Wal-Mart, or listened to 610 understands this clearly. All I'm pointing out is that there is a significant "dope factor" that resides in the area and will rush to ambush the Eagles if the season starts poorly.

For the record, I'm also likely to drain a few beers tonight while watching and rooting for the Phillies. However, I'm not likely to punch a 16 year-old in the mouth because he's wearing a Troy Aikman uniform (yup, I've seen that happen at an Eagles game), or urinate over the railing if Abreu strikes out in the eighth inning (yup, I've seen that at an Eagles game).

For Big Dog and others, I don't wish to offend by suggesting that Eagles fans are not loyal. Eagles fans are incredibly loyal. Some Eagles fans are even thoughtful. My point is that Eagles fans who are thoughtless and mindless are legion, even if they don't post comments here.


9:16 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ben, fair enough, buddy. I am not offended at all and honestly think most assessments are pretty accurate. My only comment, and I am sorry if the blog doesn't reflect tone, is that Eagles fans and maybe Flyers fans and to a point Phillies fans are pretty loyal....not frontrunners and I don't even think that you insinuated that. Loyal to a fault maybe, loyal to a ridiculous bias and wearing blinders, but loyal. That is why I hate Dallas fans from Philly or Red Sox fans from Philly. But Eagles fans are loyal...witness the hordes of fans attending training camp, calling to 610 in March about the Eagles, wasting April weekends absorbed in the draft, etc.

10:06 AM EDT  

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