Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eagles Draft - Second Day Analysis

this is the best eagles draft i can remember. the birds' o-line and d-lines have undergone a complete makeover this offseason and they should be much, much better next season. with don healthy and hopefully getting time again, i think we should be in store for a nice bounce-back season.

dave barr's thoughts:
I was wrong this week...way wrong. I will never question the fat guy again. This is the best draft in my cognizant lifetime of following the Birds. I know that Buddy had some superb drafts where he grabbed cornerstone guys, but the Birds literally grabbed every single guy I was excited about.

Max Jean-Gilles

another good name and another great value pick. most scouting services had max as a second round talent. holy heck, with shawn andrews and max jean-gilles i'd have to say the birds are pretty set at guard for a long, long time.

"Regarded by many as the most dominant guard in college football, Jean-Gilles is a massive drive blocker with excellent power and surprising quickness for a player his size. He is a physical mauler with the strength to easily create rush lanes and has been a model of consistency and durability for the Bulldogs, having never missed any action due to an injury." - nice, very nice.

College: Georgia
Height: 6-4
Weight: 355
Position: OG
40 Yrd Dash: 5.48
20 Yrd Dash: 3.22
10 Yrd Dash: 1.92
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 27
Bench Press: 510 lbs
Squat: 500 lbs
Power Clean: 314 lbs
Vertical Jump: 24 1/2
Broad Jump: 7'11"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 5.08
3-Cone Drill: 8.56

Massive player with a large frame and long arms...Extremely strong and can manhandle opponents...Quick off the ball and is a solid athlete...Has good feet and moves well inside at guard...Delivers an explosive initial punch...Is equally effective as both a run blocker and pass protector...Tough and durable...Versatile and has a lot of experience at multiple positions along the offensive line...Plays on his feet and has the functional speed to get out in front on short pulls and traps...Lacks explosion off the ball, but knows how to use his body mass and above average strength to move defenders off the snap...Aggressive mauler with the strength to drive and dominate, creating a new line for the running game...When he locks on to a defender, he is quick to control and stalemate his man...Uses his hands well to keep defenders off his body and has the hand power to latch on, pull and jerk his man away from the ball...Outstanding run-blocker who moves his feet on contact and has enough quickness to reach block, doing a nice job of wheeling his hips to control...Takes good angles to compensate for a lack of second level speed, and consistently finishes...Does a great job of using his size to occupy space and when he gets his pads down and drops his weight to anchor, it is impossible to move him out...Won't punish you with his hand punch, but shows very good placement to gain position and control...Has enough lateral slide to play in a phone booth and uses his body well to engulf smaller defenders.

Needs to keep his weight in check and stay in proper physical condition so he doesn't wear down...Disappears at times needs to show more consistency...Has below average speed...May lack a nasty demeanor and killer instinct...Does not get to the second level of defenders...Has trouble handling speed rushers...Has had weight issues in the past, but has worked hard to stay under 360 pounds the last two years...Dominant drive blocker, but his motor runs hot and cold, as he wears down late in games...Lacks the quickness and acceleration to get out front on second level blocks...Gets too narrow in his base and crosses his feet when trying to adjust when working in space, failing to cut off linebackers at the next level...Has experience at tackle, but is best working in-line, as he does not have the retreat quickness to mirror vs. edge rushers...Has very good upper-body strength, but needs to punish the defender more with his punch...Labors when having to run long distances.

Has a massive frame with a huge bubble, wide waist and hips, thick, tree-trunk legs, long arms, large and powerful hands, thick chest and broad shoulders...Despite his body mass, he is by no means overweight, as he has good frame distribution and tight skin.

Will Shields, Larry Allen, Edwin Mulitalo, Elton Brown

Jason Avant

welcome back gari scott!

don't know a darn thing about avant, supposed to have great hands though. hope he's better than gari scott and na brown were.

College: Michigan
Height: 6-0
Weight: 213
Position: WR
40 Yrd Dash: 4.60 (some report 4.45)
Vertical Jump: 39
Arms: 32-1/2
Hands: 9-1/2

Is a very good athlete...Has good size...Is a threat in the red zone due to his size, hands and ability to go up and get the ball...Very polished with good hands...Smart, tough player with good character and top intangibles...Productive and did a very nice job of stepping up to replace Braylon Edwards as a senior...Shows very good hand/eye coordination, doing a nice job of looking the ball in on underneath and intermediate routes...Uses his hand strength to defeat the jam...Keeps his feet in bounds working along the sidelines and keeps his pad level low and shoulders square to break arm tackles...Very smart and instinctive player who will have no problems digesting a complicated playbook...Does a good job of using his body to shield defenders from the ball...Has the natural hands to reach and pluck away from the body's frame...Shows good concentration and determination to make the tough catches in traffic...Aggressive face-up blocker who works well in combination with the tight ends and tackles when blocking in-line...Good stalker in the open field, taking good angles to get out and neutralize the linebackers when working in space.

Does not have elite speed or quickness...May have trouble gaining separation from cornerbacks at the next level...Is not much of a deep threat...Doesn't provide much in terms of running after the catch...Has been known to drop some catchable balls due to lack of concentration...May not have a whole lot of upside...Despite his good timed speed, he does not show explosiveness or the sudden burst to separate from defenders coming off the snap...More of a straight-line runner, but looks a little awkward trying to adjust his body when making the over-the-shoulder catches...Seems to lose track of the ball in flight when used on deep routes...Needs to do a better job of breaking off his routes, as he rounds off and fails to sell on his patterns... Despite his size, he can be taken down quickly in the open, as he lacks the burst to elude and does not use his hands well to fend off tackles at his legs...Needs to do a better job of securing the ball before heading up field, as he will drop a few easy passes in his haste to run with the ball.

Has a thick upper body frame with long arms and legs.

Michael Jenkins, Hines Ward

Jeremy Bloom

ladies and gents, we have our new kick returner!

College: Colorado
Height: 5-9
Weight: 173
Position: WR
40 Yrd Dash: 4.49
20 Yrd Dash: 2.62
10 Yrd Dash: 1.57
Arms: 28-1/2
Hands: 9

Extremely fast...A great natural athlete...Has outstanding quickness...Explosive and a terror to try and tackle in the open field...Knows how to train and work hard...An amazing return man who can literally change a game on special teams...Has very good balance and body flexibility, getting to top speed in a hurry...Has enough experience to juke the defensive back in his line release...Smooth open field runner who has the explosive burst to put the defensive back up on his heels...Shows good field awareness, doing a good job of anticipating coverage...Has the stride to run away from defenders in the open...Turns to the ball with good hip snap and is quick to extend for the ball and turn up field...Fights for the ball in a crowd and is a patient returner who follows his blocks well...Has the flexibility and body control to make adjustments coming back for off-target throws...Despite his slight frame, he plays bigger than he is, showing enough leg drive to break tackles.

Has not played football in two years...Extremely small with a frail frame...Upside is probably limited to that of a fourth or fifth receiver...Will need time to get his body back in football shape...Is he 100% committed to football and love the game?...Strong for his size, but unless he gets a clean release or jukes the defender, he will struggle to get free vs. press coverage...Relies more on speed than positioning as a receiver, but does bring much better value as a returner...Lacks a feel for the game, as he does not always locate the soft spot in the zone...Does not have the size or power to face up to defenders when asked to block.

Has lean muscle mass with good shoulder width for his frame and tapered thighs and calves.

Antwaan Randle El, Tim Dwight

Omar Gaither

the new Ike Reese.

College: Tennessee
Height: 6-1
Weight: 233
Position: OLB
40 Yrd Dash: 4.72
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 23
Vertical Jump: 37
Broad Jump: 9'7"

A solid natural athlete...Quick with a burst...Has good range and plays well in space...Does a great job in coverage...Has excellent football instincts...Intense and aggressive with a non-stop motor...Smart and a leader with top intangibles...Very active with his hands, doing a good job of properly placing them in attempts to disengage...Has decent agility working through trash and uses his hands effectively to protect himself from low blocks...Effective at anticipating the tight end's route progression and has a good feel for the switch-off, picking up the receiver quickly when working in the zone...More quick than fast, compensating for a lack of blazing speed by taking good angles to close in outside run pursuit...Decent wrap-up tackler when working in close quarters...Has developed enough of a burst off the edge to disrupt the pocket...Consistently reads and reacts to the play very quickly.

Does not have ideal size or bulk...Needs to get stronger...Lacks great hands and ball skills...Struggles a bit versus the run...Has some trouble shedding blockers and needs open space...Only started two years...Might be a SAM/WILL 'tweener...Has a soft mid-section and needs better body tone...Good at locating the ball in zone coverage, but is slow to react to the run, as he does not always see the play developing...Too stiff in his hips to play at a low pad level, causing him to get stuffed trying to shoot the inside gaps...Needs to be more forceful with his hands (gets good placement, but lacks punch) in order to shed blocks, and needs a stronger base to keep from getting driven off the line of scrimmage...Loses leverage on the ball working in space, as he has limited range and a reluctance to face up...Lacks natural hands for the interception as is a marginal pass rusher, as he seems hesitant to take on blockers and lacks pass rush moves to get an edge.

Has a muscular build with good arm definition, big bubble and adequate athletic agility.

Ike Reese, Bullet

LaJuan Ramsey

College: USC
Height: 6-3
Weight: 295
Position: DT
40 Yrd Dash: 4.93
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 32
Bench Press: 400
Vertical Jump: 32
Broad Jump: 8'11"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.81
3-Cone Drill: 7.78
Arms: 33
Hands: 9-3/8

Good penetrator and pass rusher...Athletic with good timed speed...Very quick and explosive...Uses his hands well...Really emerged as a senior when finally given a chance...Showed flashes of brilliance in 2005 and still has a lot of upside...Has good flexibility and change of direction skills...Shows a quick first step, and at times it can be sudden...Reads blocks and feels pressure well, showing the loose hips needed to redirect...Plays with leverage and uses his arms effectively to avoid being reached...Has the anchor to hold at the point of attack...Penetrates or inverts to disrupt and is active using his hands to shed...Good striker who can be a force in offside pursuit...Flattens with a good burst to close...Generally in good position to make the tackle, striking low and snapping his hips to invert the pocket.

Does not have elite size or bulk...Only started one year in college...Needs to hit the weight room and get stronger...Not stout at the point or against the run...Has some durability concerns and dealt with minor injuries throughout his career...Has a quick initial burst off the snap, but needs to use it with better consistency...Has a strong anchor, but will struggle at times to split double teams....When he gets too high in his stance, he can be washed out of the play...Needs to play with a higher motor, as he will throttle down when not involved in the play...Has a burst to close on the pocket, but will get a little reckless in his pursuit, failing to reach the quarterback to finish.

Has a barrel chest, good arm muscle development, wide hips and thick calves and thighs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And all the science - I don't understand.

It's just my job, five days a week

A rocket man, a rocket man.

8:33 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

see my vest
see my vest
made from real
gorilla chest

10:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Am I just thinking this or have the Eagles gone "back to the basics" (sorry for the cliche, but after reading the scouting report for all the Birds players...) the last 2 years. Look at the 2003 and 2004 drafts.
Besides LJ, 2003 was a bust and in 2004 they only have Andrews to show for it (though the Ware and Reed pick were unlucky).

Anyway, I believe that in those two drafts they simple thought they knew more than eveybody else, considering how well 2002 went (Sheppard, Lewis, Brown, Westbrook, Brock). So in 2005 and 2006 they went back to drafting players that actually performed in college and all of a sudden the drafts look good again. Coincidence, I think not.


8:21 AM EDT  
Blogger Behan said...

The second day seems like it was all about special teams (with the exception of M J-G). Good call after the drop off last season, special teams were a real key during all the playoff runs. Gaither is supposed to be a sure tackler in space, Bloom will return kicks. Avant was an all-american FS in high school, making me think he's a decent tackler in space. The only downside I see is that picking Bloom probably signals that JR Reed isn't able to play a significant role anymore. That's too bad, I loved the way that kid played.

11:16 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

one thing i find interesting now that i look at the draft. seems like the eagles expect to extend michael lewis' contract this season. i expected them to take a strong safety prospect in the draft to guard against lewis heading off in free agency. they have the successor to dawkins in-house already (considine), but they don't have someone ready to step in for lewis.

i wonder if this means they are high on mikell (i hope not) or that jr reed still has a shot at playing again (doubtful). maybe they're thinking of moving matt ware to safety?

11:33 AM EDT  

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