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Eagles Draft - First Day Analysis

wow. this is a *great* start to the draft. to come out of the day with both brodrick bunkley and winston justice is a big-time win for the philadelphia eagles. everyone figured the birds would be targeting bunkley, but most also assumed they would have to trade up to get him. buffalo picking that 5' 10" safety instead of ngata or bunkley enabled all of this to happen.

what a great freaking start to the season.

here's a rundown on the players drafted so far, gathered from around the web:

Brodrick Bunkley

personally, i'm not as high on bunkley as all the experts are, but if they think he's good and big red thinks he's good, then he's good enough for me. i saw florida state play a couple of times this year and didn't think bunkley was all that impressive -- plus he was well-nigh invisible in the orange bowl. that could have been due to double teaming though as i definitely was not focusing on him. patterson, bunkley, walker, truck driver... that's a pretty damn nice fat-guy rotation.

College: Florida State
Height: 6-3
Weight: 306
Position: DT
40 Yrd Dash: 5.01
20 Yrd Dash: 2.91
10 Yrd Dash: 1.71
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 44
Bench Press: 365 lbs
Squat: 365 lbs
Power Clean: 277 lbs
Vertical Jump: 32 1/2
Broad Jump: 9'5"
Arms: 33-3/4 in
Hands: 9-7/8 in

Very solid and compactly built...Extremely strong...Holds his ground and will not get pushed around...Has tremendous balance...Is very quick and explosive...Does a pretty good job of penetrating and makes a lot of plays in the opponents backfield...Has a motor that never stops...Plays with good leverage...Locates the ball well...Gets a great push up the middle...Had an outstanding senior campaign...Increased his size, bulk and power base during the 2005 offseason...Disruptive force whose improved hand usage allows him to push the pocket and get an edge of the offensive guards...Plays with good field awareness and is quick to locate the ball working in trash...Has a very explosive initial burst, getting good penetration and generates powerful pop on contact...
Stays low in his pads with a wide base to anchor at the point of attack...Can easily split the double teams and plays with natural leverage and strength...Has the upper body power to separate from blocks quickly and shows nimble feet in perimeter pursuit...Very hard to push and drive out of the hole when he drops his weight and plants his feet...Has the upper body power to wrap and secure as a tackler...His improved hand placement allows him to gain great inside position and he shows good determination to throw and shed blockers quickly.

Does not have great size or bulk...Durability is a concern and he has a history of knee and ankle problems...Has not been the hardest worker throughout his career...His lack of size might become more of a problem at the next level...Is on the ground too much...Was arrested for stealing a video game in 2003...Undersized for a two-gap system, but his quickness is better suited to play an under-tackle position...Has to stay low in his pads in order to be effective ? when he gets too high in his stance, he struggles to keep blockers off his feet...More of a bull rusher who does not possess valid rip and swim moves to sack the quarterback...Tries to out-muscle blockers when coming on backside pursuit, then is late getting off those blocks to close...Good wrap and secure tackler, but will get reckless at times and leave his feet (showed improvement in 2005)...Hard worker, but needs to be pushed at times, especially in the classroom...Had maturity issues when he first entered the program.

Bunkley has a solid, thick frame with good upper body muscle development and broad shoulders, very big bubble, thick lower body frame, long arms and large hands. He emerged in 2005 as a disruptive force, reminiscent to former FSU standout Darnell Dockett (Arizona) during his final season with the Seminoles. Bunkley is bigger and slightly stronger than Dockett, but much like his former teammate he lacks the size and bulk to be considered a classic two-gap defender.

Richard Seymour, Booger McFarland, Darnell Dockett

Winston Justice

again, personally not as high on him as the experts, but what the heck do i know? my questions about him are: a) i saw USC a couple of times and he didn't stand out... but again, i wasn't necessarily focusing on him and b) he seems to have a skinny neck and wrists, this signals to me that he's going to be injury prone. still, he was projected to go early in the first and everyone had him as the second best tackle in the draft. i'm fargin' happy with him.

College: USC
Height: 6-6
Weight: 319
Position: OT
40 Yrd Dash: 5.16
20 Yrd Dash:
10 Yrd Dash:
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 38
Bench Press: 460 lbs
Squat: 545 lbs
Vertical Jump: 39
Broad Jump: 9'2"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.43
3-Cone Drill: 7.32
Arms: 34-7/8 in
Hands: 9-7/8 in

Has great size and long arms...Still has room to bulk up his large frame...A tremendous natural athlete...Very strong and powerful...An outstanding run blocker...Great pass blocker who protected the blindside of lefty quarterback Matt Leinart...Mobile and quick with good feet...Has only begun to scratch the surface of his potential and still has a ton of upside...Has 3 years of starting experience...Very mobile for a player his size, showing excellent hand quickness and placement to defeat pass rush moves...Plays on his feet, demonstrating very good balance and body control...Does a fine job of adjusting to mirror the defender in pass protection, demonstrating proper kick slide agility...Stays in control and is not the type who will lunge or overextend to make the block...Has the sudden burst off the ball to get to his reach point and gain position...Protects the inside well vs. stunts and blitzes and has the foot movement to ride the pass rusher wide...Explosive hip roller with the strength and leg drive to drive defenders back and open up rush lanes...Uses his hands effectively to gain inside position and can make his man disappear when working in a crowd...Has a jolting hand punch, using his upper body strength to lock out, replace and shock...Plays on his feet in space and maintains balance working into the second level... Bruising run blocker who drops his weight and slides nicely, demonstrating above average balance to make the cut-off and reach his set point...Quick to readjust vs. counter moves...Uses his hands with authority to press and sustain...When working in-line, he shows very good foot speed to get out and pick up blocks...Uses his arms properly to separate and sustain...It is very rare to see him pushed back due to his balance and strong base.

Is still very raw and needs to be developed in terms of his technique...Had arthroscopic surgery to repair a dislocated right shoulder after his freshman season...Immature and character is a question after a series of off-the-field incidents which led to his being suspended for the entire 2004 season...Has some minor durability issues with 2002 shoulder surgery and 2003 ankle problems, but was fully recovered and in good shape in 2005...Uses his punch more to shock the defender rather than place them to finesse and sustain, but gets good success using this process...Still maturing and has had two major off-field issues in the past...Will sometimes play at a high pad level and has to sit down more, especially when taking on speedier edge rushers.

Has a thick frame with wide shoulders, good chest definition, wide bubble and waist, large, developed calves and long arms. Justice is a massive pass protector with very nimble feet and a punishing hand punch. He returned to action in 2005 and played with much better focus and desire than he did in the past. He did have some previous off-field issues that might scare away a few teams, but showed good responsibility and work ethic since returning to the team in 2005. While away from the game in 2004, he spent his time at a Hollywood boxing gym, training with Freddie Roach, who trained Mike Tyson. That time in the gym helped him develop hand quickness and punch that few tackles in the game possess.

Jon Jansen, Jammal Brown

Chris Gocong

don't know anything about him, but how can you go wrong with a name like gocong? also, he has an engineering degree, so he's not dumb.

based on what the scouting reports say about him, i expect the birds to use him in a hybrid LB/DE role and possibly as a successor to the horrible dhani jones on the strong side. this guy can probably jam the hell out of a TE anyway, something we haven't had since 'los departed.

College: Cal Poly
Height: 6-2
Weight: 263
40 Yrd Dash: 4.70
20 Yrd Dash: 2.74
10 Yrd Dash: 1.61
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 28
Bench Press: 405 lbs
Squat: 550 lbs
Power Clean: 374 lbs
Vertical Jump: 42
Broad Jump: 10'5"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.09
3-Cone Drill: 7.06
Arms: 32-1/4
Hands: 9-1/4

Makes a lot of plays in the backfield and simply has a knack for getting to the quarterback...Intense and competitive with a non-stop motor...Smart and a hard worker with top intangibles...Plays with good leverage...Displays good strength and power...Was extremely productive and absolutely dominated at his level...Has adequate upper body definition, but generates good power...Strong wrap-up tackler who stays low in his pads when striking...Shows very good dip and body lean to get an edge on a blocker...Active with his hands in attempts to disengage and has the burst to slip past a lethargic offensive tackle...Wraps and does not soften when tackling, showing intensity and a desire to strip the ball from the ball carrier...Has an explosive initial step coming off the edge, taking good pursuit angles and showing intensity to close...Quick to read blocking schemes and has enough hand punch to shed...Possesses the lateral range to work down the line and the sustained speed to handle long pursuit... Makes good adjustments working down the line, flipping his hips to squeeze through tight areas...Does not shut down until the whistle...Excels at closing down the cutback lanes and will hit and wrap with authority.

Did not play against elite competition...Doesn't have the size or bulk you look for...Has trouble shedding blocks...Might not have the agility needed to change positions...Just a situational player?...'Tweener who may not have a pro position...Has good upper body strength, but lacks the size and bulk to stack and control when redirecting in-line...Can be washed out of the play at the point of attack when he gets high in his stance...Has good hand usage to wrap and secure, but needs to improve his placement in attempts to keep blockers off his body...Can widen blockers to disengage, but does not have much success splitting double teams.

Gocong has adequate muscle definition, good bubble and defined legs. He shows good foot speed, balance and body control, generating an explosive burst coming off the snap. His initial step allows him to get an edge on the blocker and keep the advantage. He is a good read-and-diagnose type that recognizes blocking schemes and is quick to adjust. He has very good snap anticipation, doing a very good job of reading the cadence.

Grant Wistrom, Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a very nice surprise when I woke up this morning. Both Justice and Bunckley. Very nice.

My favorite pick is actuall Gocong. His number are very impressive, he is smart, and the Birds can move him to LB. I am always a big fan of picking players who actually produced in College over players who just have a good combine (ala Williams, btw what of his onfield stats makes you think he will be a #1 pick, amazing).

Go Birds!

8:04 AM EDT  

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