Friday, February 03, 2006

McNabb Explosion

what do you guys think about the recent explosion of TO comments from mcnabb? i have no idea where it's coming from. actually, i don't have a problem with anything he said (even the whole "black on black" crime comment, though it is kind of silly), but he kept his mouth shut for so long why open it now? why now?

what's his motivation here? i can't see anything positive coming from this. if anything, this is going to rip things apart again. doesn't this put next season at risk too?

do you think it's because it seems like me-o is going to get what he wants? that there are a number of teams positioning themselves to sign him? could that be the motivation?

why now? what's he trying to accomplish?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he probably just got tired of keeping it inside and felt like TO had his take blasted throughout the media for long enough. Also, Stephen A.'s column today was ridiculous. More and more you come to realize that the Philly media is part of the reason Philly can't win. From 610 to the cynical columnists like Conlin, they all suck. Not that they should be homers, but give me a freaking break. I think AI put it best when he said the entire paper is full of murders and negativity and then you turn to the Philly sports page, which is supposed to be an escape, and it's nothing but negativity.

9:25 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I agree with anonymous. I don't care what Donovan said too much. I don't think it will fester too much either. The difference, Donovan is a bigger, better person than Me-O. He got it off his chest. Fine. Go back to the lockerroom, fix any festering issues, be your wacky self. One thing that Donovan is not is a vocal, in your face guy. You don't have to be if you have others like that in the lockerroom. He needs to lead by example on and off the field which he does. You don't have to be a screamer, but you can't shy away from issues....take your lessons learned from last year, cauterize any hemorrhaging and move on.

9:49 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thnk you guys might be missing what the real aim is here. Donovan said that he felt like some of the team weren't behind him on the Me-O issue. Well, McNabb is staying and Me-O is going. Donovan doesn't want conflict in the locker room, so until he knew there was no chance of Me-O coming back, he wasn't going to say anything. Now he has, and it's sort of like saying, you're either with me, or you're not, and if you're not, that means you're not here to win the big game so now is the time to pick a side. Before min-camp, training camps, etc....

This was nothing more than an avenue to send the rest of the Eagles players a message. He used the media the same way Me-O did it. The fact that fans, and everyone else saw what he said is secondary. McNabb is trying to bring the team together to win the big game, not get more money or get involved on the business side of things. Think about it. When has McNabb EVER used the media to vent? Never. So there was a definite reason behind his doing so this time.

At least that's how I see it.

- Joe

9:39 AM EST  

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