Monday, January 16, 2006

Peter Forsberg Follow Up

after watching peter forsberg closely for most of the game against the avalanche (a game that he should have been pumped to play), i still think he's a great player and i'm still happy he's on the flyers... but i continue to think that he is *not* the "best player in the world."

for each spectacular play he makes, he makes 2-3 bad ones. i'm not talking about plays where he tries something and it didn't work, i'm talking about plays where it would have been better had he not tried something at all. one play in particular i thought was pretty bad, he carried the puck into the zone 1 on 4. he stopped just past the blue line and waited for help... and waited for help. when two defenders went after him and started pressuring him, he blindly passed the puck into the slot and it was easily intercepted by a defender who started the rush the other way. without any help from his teammates, the right play would have been to dump the puck in the zone and allow the flyers to regroup. instead, he made a wild pass to no one that had no chance of resulting in a positive outcome. he did have a goal and an assist, so on the scoreboard that will go down as a good game but i don't think he had a very good game.

i know i shouldn't judge him based on what i've been seeing over 2-3 weeks and maybe his groin is still bothering him, but the comparison that jumps into my head right now is brett favre from 2 seasons ago. still puts up great numbers, but is no longer able to do some of the things he used to do, takes too many chances, and can no longer carry a team.

i hope i am wrong.



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