Friday, December 09, 2005

Snowday Links

- bravo john smallwood!

- even jeff feagles has fond memories of those buddy ryan eagles

- pat gillick struggling to clean up the mess that "the head" left

- rich hoffman sounds like he needs someone to talk him off the ledge. hey rich, i think scott adams wrote today's comic just for you

- paul domowitch thinks the birds purposely haven't kept a good backup QB on the roster because of the cataldi contingent of eagles nation

- this palmquist guy should be executed. though i must admit that the article made me chuckle. (link found on
"It's kind of mind-boggling, but there were some warning signs that something wasn't right," Pew said. "They were pretty big guys. One had a beard, one had a thick goatee, and another had sideburns that went halfway down his face."


Anonymous Phil said...

I disagree with Domo. The Eagles have consistantly had much better back-up QBs than all but maybe 3 or 4 other teams in the NFL. Nobody besides SD has 2 starting quality QBs on the roster cause you can't devote that much of your cap to one position.

3:51 PM EST  

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