Thursday, December 08, 2005

NFL "Hooligans"

i read this article and wasn't going to comment on it because i find the subject matter annoying, but phil thinks it's worth a link (found on

Blinkered America is Already Among the Thugs

personally, i find the subject of philadelphia sports fan conduct very overblown and waaaay too embellished, but it is what it is.

if you want to come watch your favorite team come play the philadelphia eagles, just be respectful and you won't have anyone hassle you. you'll definitely have people yell things at you, but no one will hassle you if you follow some simple rules of thumb:

- if you choose to wear your team's colors, be prepared to be called an *sshole for the entire time you're within sight of the stadium complex. do not respond to this, you instigated it by wearing the colors. this is the standard response. walk by and ignore it. if you respond in any way, it is a retaliatory move and therefore will cause escalation.

- if your team scores, you are allowed to clap and cheer for a few seconds. any longer than a few seconds is disrespectful and will be met with a response. do not raise your arms above shoulder height while doing so. raising your arms is disrespectful and will be met with a response. definitely do not turn around, point your finger at anyone, or say anthing directly to any eagles fan. that is *really* disrespectful and will be met with a forceful response.

bottom line, it's all about respect. you don't go into someone else's house and be disrespectful to them. you respect the rules of thumb and you'll be fine, which is very different from european soccer hooligans -- who travel around like roving packs of dogs looking to beset unsuspecting fans.


Anonymous Phil said...

I've flip-flopped several times on this "disrespect" of Philly fans. It used to upset me since the reality is so much different from how we're portrayed (especially the snow-ball incidents).

Now I'm starting to think this might actually be more of a home field advantage thing than domed stadiums. No, we won't beat up an opposing player's mom if she comes to a game, but as long as THEY don't know that . . .

3:44 PM EST  

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