Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday Links

i couldn't read or listen to anything football related yesterday... back to the grind today.

- apparently, there are rumors of a new contract proposal for westbrook. why? it's not like they ever use him.

- reuben frank hits the nail right on the head. pass rush, or lack thereof, is what's wrong with the defense.

- ugh, more injuries. dirk johnson is probably out for the year, TO sprained the ankle he broke last season, and kearse and kalu both hurt their shoulders.

- "I've got to do a better job," coach Andy Reid said yesterday. "I've got to get [the plays] in sooner for him, so he has enough time to get the play to the players in the huddle and that time at the line of scrimmage to do what he needs to do there." we hear this every week. why the hell isn't it getting any better?

- it's good to know you can always count on the phillies to sit around and do nothing while life passes them by.

- iverson, webber, and mo' are certain that AI and c-webb can succeed together. "Most of those days, Cheeks walked away fascinated by what Webber can do with a basketball. He is convinced that Webber and Iverson will be terrific together."

- how about this difference of opinion on the sixers: "Perhaps the young trio of Sam Dalembert, Kyle Korver and Iguodala and a more amicable environment created by new head coach Mo Cheeks will help keep those flags at half-mast, but disaster is on the horizon." vs "Only the Nets stand in the way of the Sixers and the Atlantic division title."


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