Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Links

two weeks is a long time to wait after an eagles loss.

- jerome mcdougle is one of the unluckiest and/or fragile guy i've seen in a while. rookie year - gets high/low-ed on his leg in the preseason hurting his ankle, knee, and hip -- when i saw it live i thought for sure it was a willis mcgahee type injury -- he comes back but is limited all season second year - hurts his shoulder (i think) in the offseason working out, gets rolled over on his knee, and has an irregular heartbeat problem. third season - get *shot* and now has a hernia and is out for the season. wow

- rich hoffman discusses the eagles' weaknesses

- chad lewis could be coming back

- seems like pitkanen may have finally gotten the sand out of his p*ssy

- billy wagner's agent is "bean stringfellow"

- it's too easy to pick on the phillies...


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