Friday, December 04, 2009

Eagles at Falcons Preview

This game will be decided by who's not on the field.
  • Falcons are missing their starting QB and RB.
  • Eagles are missing their primary playmaker DeSean Jackson
Can McNabb make it 3 straight in 4th quarter comebacks? Will he have to?

The key for this game will be who wins the turnover battle. Our defense needs to collect a bunch of them (Chris Redmond is primarily involved here) and our offense needs to grind out a decent game.



Blogger David said...

another grinder game. ATL is 5-0 at home but no Ryan. I expect a 20-17 affair, if Birds can stop or slow Turner, they'll win. If not, they won't.


P.S. Are we major Giants fans tomorrow at the prospect of becoming co-division leader or do we want the Giants tailspin to continue? I see the pros of both, yet want to see that team vanquished with no signs of life by next week.

9:58 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...


It's a question of whether you want the Eagles to have a better chance of winning the division (Cowboy's loss) vs. better chance of locking up a playoff spot (Giants loss). My gut just wants them to get into the playoffs at whatever cost. Winning the division would be nice, but I'd rather take a better chance of locking up a wildcard spot.

But I'm like 53%/47% on the 2 options. Maybe we just root for a tie.

11:16 AM EST  

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