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Eagles at Mid-Season Review

They are who we thought they were!

This is a good, not great team. Obviously, great teams don't lose to OAK nor do they lose division games at home. Good teams win more than they lose and that's what they've done going 5 and 3. I guess we all hoped they'd be 6-2, but 1 game isn't too far off the mark.

The biggest letdown has got to be their inconsistency from week to week. They go from blowing one team off the field to losing by double digits to crushing a division leader to losing to another division foe. Everyone's obviously blaming one player for the Ls, but this is a team game. If he's not being praised for those Ws, then you can't dump on him for the losses.

Outlook for the second half of the season.
Uh-oh. They've already played TB, KC, OAK, CAR and 2 of 3 home games against the division. The second half is going to be brutal compared to that. Going 5-3 is going to be pretty tough unless their play picks up vs. 1H.

Being The Happy Apologist, there are 2 reasons to look upon the upcoming games with optimism and not angst.

1) This team has shown flashes of dominance on both sides of the ball. The offense can score points in bunches literally from anywhere on the field. The defense has been very good at collecting turnovers and getting pressure on the QB. So the upside is there if this team is on its game they can play and beat anyone in this league. The question isn't so much can they, but will they.

2) Andy Reid coached teams despite their faults, typically play better later in the year than earlier. Case in point is last year where they were dreadful (tie anyone?) for long stretches then when on a tear and made the playoffs. This team can get hot late and win the games they need to. And they need to.

There are much worse places to be than right now. No one has made the playoffs yet and the Eagles are in position to do that. It will assuredly take better team play, game planning, and execution. This team MUST play better in order to make the playoffs. The good news is if they do end up making the playoffs, then they'll be playing better which will give them a shot at going all they way and winning a SB. This is not a team that's going to back into the playoffs and then be one and done.

Personally, I'll take the over with this team.



Blogger David said...

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5:17 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

allow me to reiterate one more time. They are BAD! The penalties alone make them a cellar dweller. I blame 100% of that on Reid and unfortunately we're stuck with him and he's about to get a new contract. They desperately need new blood to oversee all of the new blood on the field. I am soooooo ready for something, anything different than this. i've seen this game way too many times in Red and McNabb's tenure.

6:02 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI - Captain did not write the above post. I agree with it 1000%, but I did not write it.


1:17 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not the least bit surprised by the outcome, or the way it occurred. Same old story...slow start by Mc5, no running game, unable to convert 3rd downs in red zone = field goal. Penalties are a result of poor coaching, lack of concentration, lack of discipline. That alone is a reason to remove Reid. Anyone remember George Hegamen ?? None of these players do, and the Eagles are the 5th most penalized team in the league. Hmmm.
Mc 5 has begged for weapons, now he has 2 on the outside and a quality tight end, yet we still see inconsistency. His throws are a little further behind these guys because they're faster, but they're still behind. Perhaps Westbrook was the key to this offense, and not Mc5 ??
Speak of Bwest -- I love the guy. He's one of my favorite Eagles of all time - behind Dawk and a few others. He needs to retire now, or he's going to end up like Lindros. Hopefully neither one of them ends up like Mohammed Ali. It's a shame, but you can get a knee/anklr replacement at forty and still enjoy an active life. I don't think they're doing brain replacements yet.


1:28 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

I heard a stat that read something like this. McNabb had 450 yards yesterday. 430 outside the 20s, and 20 from the 20 in with 4 trips to the red zone. That is bad, yet somehow I think some will look and say he had a wonderful day. Odd. He was getting killed on the radio today by everyone, including his man crush Eskin.


8:18 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Defense gives up 31 points and . . . nothing?

I'm starting to think that football should join politics and religion as topics need not be discussed. Not because there isn't something worth discussing, but because people will bring in their preconceived notions of "the way it is" without looking at the facts.

Who wouldn't take 64% completion rate, 2TD : 1INT and 8.18 yards per attempt? How much better does 5 have to play? Seriously. I want to know. Does he need 70% completion percentage (no QB has this so far)? 9 yards per attempt (ditto)? Fewer INTs (only Favre has better ratio)?

No QB is perfect!!!!!!

10:01 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Bull crap stat work on Mc5. Bullcrap! He has a high completion ratio because he never takes chances and never squeezes the ball into tight spots. The circus catch by Avant was the first one I've seen this season. He runs up big time numbers in non crunch time and between the 20s. Where was he getting the ball in the end zone 3 times from inside the 5? Not 100% his fault-play calling sucked, but at some point your 11 year vet needs to take over there.

In addition, no way can you pin this on the D. You knew going into the game theyw ere impossibly short handed vs. the pass with tons of injuries. You knew that the only way to win was to out score the other team. At least I knew, and the papers knew, and anyone who reads the papers knew. Not to say teh D gets no blame-where was the pass rush-but come on! They had no back-up CB, rookie practice squad guys making their first start, and LB swapping roles all game. That is not the recipe for success. The best you could've expected them to do was hold on for dear life. I hate that they gave up a 6 plus minute drive to close things out, but this game was lost when the QB and coach could not get them into the end zone from 5 or fewer yards out 3 times. Period. And that is why I have decided to actively seek change with my back. No use watching this mess week after week. Same old mistakes out of the coach, same old inconsistent play out of the QB. No thanks. I'll rake the leaves, or go Christmas shopping, or become a fan of a team who doesn't define insanity by rolling out the same slop week after week after week after week.......


8:43 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, to convert me, he needs to perform in the clutch - something he has never done. 1-8-1 in games decided by 7 points or less. Down by 8 in the final minute, need a touchdown and 2 pt conversion for tie - he doesn't get it done. Down 14-3 in redzone, then later 14(or 21?)-6, again in redzone. Doesn't convert. Tons o' yards between the 20's, bad decisions & bad throws in the redzone. Celek at the 7 covered like a blanket ?? Does Manning, Brady or Favre make that throw - HELL NO !!!! I vividly recall Orton leading the bears to a last minute touchdown drive to beat us. Kyle Orton ! I don't recall Mc5 doing that ever.
Belicheck went for 4th and 2 at his own 30 Sun nite because he knew it didn't matter if Manning had to go 30 yards or 70 -- if he got the ball back, they would lose.
Against the Eagles in that situation, every team in the league punts the ball (out of bounds to keep from DJak) b/c they know McNabb won't beat them.
Please tell me I'm wrong....point out the instances where McNabb performed in the clutch to pull a game out in the final minutes. I cannot recall ANY! I remember a Westbrook punt return vs the Saints that put us in the redzone with seconds left a few years ago, but we lost that game.


1:21 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Well, just off the top of my head there was the 4 and 28 which lead them down the field to tie the game and then again to win it in OT. But that was just a playoff game. Probably not big enough.

My point about 5's numbers was and is that they can never be too high for Bumble. I can't "convert" you because no number would be high enough. By any stretch of the imagination his #s against SD were at LEAST good enough to win the game.

If you want to blame the offense (and I am NOT saying they don't deserve some blame), then the play calling in the red zone and not converting some of those into TDs should rank up there as reason #1 why they lost the game.

My point is you can't point to one person or thing as a reason for why they lost. This is a TEAM game. It drives me effing batty when people try and blame McNabb for these losses. No QB is perfect. I'm not even saying 5 is a top 5 QB anymore, but he's definitely not in the bottom 10 and probably about middling.

5:49 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

You've always missed my point Phil. I loved McNabb's numbers on Sunday. I have him as a fantasy QB and cha ching! My point is that he is not a winner. Cap said it best, when the chips are down, do you want this guy on your squad trying to pull out a win? His past performance has to say no. Aside from a 4th and 26 6 years ago and a game vs. a 3-13 Cardinals team that he won with a broken leg, when has this guy ever put the team on his back and won the big one? It never happens. I realize that many QB don't do it. There are the lucky few who have a guy who can-New England, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Indy, San Diego. Do I envy them? hell yeah I do! Do I also thank goodness I am not a Buffalo, Lion, Redskin, Jacksonville, or Cleveland fan? Yes!

He isn't a winner. Period. I am sick of watching him do the same things week in and week out. It's not entirely his fault, he isn't accurate enough to be a West Coast QB (don't give me the 60% argument, his completion % has trended down 5 years running). He is a classic drop back QB stuck in the wrong offense. he has no touch and he never hits receivers in stride, staples of the Worst Coast. I am sick of the same issues every week. I want change. We saw what Kolb may be able to's surprisingly at least as good as this.

I watch games to see my team win. The rest is dandy, but I look for wins. This team needs new direction in my opinion.


9:26 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

5's completion % is down a bit over the past 2 years (not five years), but I'd hardly call 100 basis points a lot and all 3 years he's been above his average completion % for his career.

6:37 PM EST  

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