Monday, November 16, 2009

Eagles at Charges Post Mortem

And there goes the career of Brian Westbrook. After all is said and done, this will be the most memorable thing to come out of this game. This is very sad. Much more sad than whether the Eagles won or lost this game.

36 is hands down the best running back since I've been following the team (mid-80s) and has passed even Duce from a likability perspective. All heart and his professionalism is top notch as witnessed by his willingness to train his replacement (McCoy) this year.

My favorite memory is the way he single handedly won the Giants game several years back with the punt return. This was especially meaningful because he hadn't been the main guy for some time. Reid stuck him back there to spark things and boy did he.

He was a bit injury prone (never played a full 16 game season), but there's no doubt that he was the primary offense weapon during his entire career (including the TO period). He was the next and closest thing this league has seen to Marshall Faulk since Faulk left the league.

Good Health Brian Westbrook.



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