Friday, November 27, 2009

Redskins @ Eagles Preview

This is yet another Who Shows Up type of games. The upside is Washington seems to have as many of these as the Eagles do.

Reasons why Philly will win:

1) Home game for Philly,
2) Eagles have the most explosive player (DeSean),
3) Jason Campbell is starting for WAS,
4) Eagles are getting healthier and Redskins aren't (Hayneworth likely out).

Reason why Philly will lose:

1) We haven't seen Bad Eagles for a while and are due to rear their ugly head.

Really that's it. This is a game that Philly should win and must win in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.



Blogger David said...

I predict this will be an ugly game. The Skins have a good D and can really shut down the pass. Good thing is the Birds don't pass much.

If they commit to running the ball and their 5th and 6th string CB don't get exposed, then they should win. I fear a tight low scoring affair (they never score vs. the guys and Don really struggles against them) and then Moss gets behind someone and the Skins eke out a 13-10 type of win. I hope not, but again, tough to compete with the secondary they'll throw out.

4:00 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Why is it whenever the Eagles win Scrapplelog becomes a ghost-town, yet bustling with action after a loss?

3:40 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't just Scrapplelog that becomes a ghost-town when the Eagles win, although it is an apt observation. I've also noticed that the WIP chatter clams up.

Never thought I'd see the day, but Philadelphia is falling out of love with the Eagles, specifically the current regime. More and more people seem to be rooting against success. It's a little strange, and I'm not sure I get the reasons behind it.

It may come down to the fact that the Eagles are a hard team to love. The head coach does everything he can to alienate fans. The owner (I think a good one) comes across as a bit of an ass. The star quarterback (decent guy in my opinion) just isn't a Philly guy.

I knew it was over for this bunch when I heard "Let's go Phillies" chants during their blow-out of the Giants.

Although I'm thrilled I don't have to listen to E-A-G-L-E-S cheers at the ballpark anymore, I think the Philadelphia fan has taken to the Phils at the expense of the Eagles. Hated it when the dynamic was reversed and don't like it much now since I love both teams.

Hopefully the Eagles will come through against an incredibly mediocre team Sunday. Bumble seems to think the Deadskins are a legitimate threat, but I don't. Of course, Bumble understands football way more than I do, so who knows.

If the Birds can't beat Washington at home, they might as wrap it up for the season. I'm pretty optimistic all things considered.

Ed Wade

8:07 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Maybe it's that people like to complain. Or just like to discuss things. Hard to have a discussion after a win when it goes like this:

Fan A "Boy, Eagles sure did run the ball well against Team X."

Fan B "Are you kidding? Their average run of 5.7 yards should have been at least 4 tenths higher."

Fan A "Maybe, but that was a great D they played."

Fan B "Oh, you're right."

Not quite the same as:

Fan A "4th and 1 and they pas?!?!?"

Fan B "This team will never win until they can run and convert those 4th and shorts."

Fan A "And what was up with all those passes in the first half?"

Fan B "Exactly! Everyone knows you have to run to set up the pass."

Fan A "And you have to run the ball well to win the game!"

8:15 AM EST  
Blogger David said...

This is a difficult team to love because it's Groundhog Day every week and every year. Decent 4-1 or so start, swoon to get them into the 5-4 zone, mini run to get the fans back, then either momentum into the playoffs and do well or collapse. If they get to 8-4 next week, it could be the start of that late kick. It just gets boring to watch that. Why can't we have the Pats or the Saints season? I remember 2004, when they popped a 30 plus every week, when most games were over by halftime. That was fun. That team was special and should've won the SB had their QB and coach not choked on the biggest stage (another yearly pattern). When you're watching a team that doesn't stack up with 5-6 AFC teams and the top NFC team that year, why would you keep the excitement year in and year out? They don't do what it takes to go over the top. The Phils did and they're getting the love that accompanies accomplishment. For all of the good things that have happened in this regime, and there have been many, they haven't won dick. This team has nothing to show for 11 years of the same story. That eventually drives away the most ardent fan.

Just one guy's take.


10:06 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

all that said, every day I wake up thanking I'm not a Skins fan..or Bears...or Lions...or Raiders...or Dolphins.........

10:08 PM EST  

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