Friday, November 20, 2009

Eagles at Bears Preview

Eagles realistically need 5 more wins (10 total) to make the playoffs. They have 7 games to do it. Can't lose this one no matter who it's against.



Blogger David said...

I look at the schedule and agree that 5 wins have to come. These games have to be W, I assume them a W, if any of them are lost, than the playoffs weren't meant to be anyway

1. 49ers
2. Bears
3. Skins

Then you need an effort and and split up these 4

1. Broncos
2. Boys
3. Giants
4. Falcs

That second group scares me as all are capable teams and 3 are on the road. I think they are flat betetr than the Broncos who peaked early and seem to be coming back and Atlanta looks like a Jekyll and Hyde team that you can bury on a Hyde week.

Point is you are dead right Phil, this is an absolute no question must win game this week. Injuries are not on their side, but they need to man up and take this game. Otherwise, the season is in serious jeopardy.


10:17 AM EST  
Blogger David said...

The nice thing about football, unlike any of the other sports, is that you can quickly erase mistakes by cutting people. I hope Reid does a nice house cleaning of his O line this off season. keep Peters and hope he ultimately pans out and hast la bye bye to the Andrews sisters.

ANother must win game this week. No excuses. Gotta beat this team who is as banged up as they are. Hang tough, steal a W at home, then get some defensive starters back.

10:27 PM EST  

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