Sunday, December 06, 2009

Eagles at Falcons Post Mortem

This game was all about the W. W as in Weaver. Oh my freakin goodness. Are you allowed to have a player this good at the FB position? That one handed catch over the middle for big yardage was one of the better catches I've seen this year. Maybe he's been watching our WRs recently. He also had a couple decent runs.

For the haters out there, this was not a perfect game. Let's just say that a 27 point win on the road to a team in the playoff hunt is about as tasty as your sausage is ever going to get. To nitpick anything about this game is frankly, just beyond my comprehension.

Vick is looking better and better. Not that I'd take him over Kolb by any stretch of the imagination. It's a shame that he couldn't get a full quarter of work in there at the end. I liked Reid getting McNabb out of there as early as he did. Most coaches won't do that. Is he playing more hurt than we think?

Biggest dissapointment is D not getting the shutout. They really deserved it. Just goes to show you how hard it is to do in this day and age.



Blogger David said...

They took a banged up team and treated them the way you're supposed to treat an inferior opponent, and most impressively, they did it without their bits and pieces. That was their most dominant performance of the year in my eyes. Did not see that coming. D was amazing today, O moved the chains all day until they caught fire, play calling seemed to set the tempo all day. Not one complaint from this Bird fan.


7:26 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is by no means a complaint after a day of domination, but I would like to see better red zone execution early when it looks like you have the opportunity to put away a lesser team early.

I'm seeing some reasons to be encouraged, and I'm pretty ramped up for the last part of the season.

Ed Wade

9:20 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

were those roughing penalties sort of ticky tack? is anyone else concerned that the QB has become the Faberge egg of the league and the second you touch him, the ref tosses laundry at you.


10:59 PM EST  

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